The 52 Book Club: Week Twelve

Hello and welcome to the 52 Book Club, where each week we’re reading an issue of the critically acclaimed maxi-series about the DC Universe after the events of Infinite Crisis!

This week we’re reading issue 12, written by Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Geoff Johns, breakdowns by Keith Giffen, and finishes by Eddy Barrows. This issue also starts a series of back-ups detailing the origins of characters in the DC Universe, starting with Wonder Woman, written by Mark Waid and art by Adam Hughes.

Black Adam enters the Rock of Eternity with Adrianna to make an unexpected request to the Rock’s new guardian, and Ralph Dibny surprises Wonder Girl at her apartment with an unexpected request of his own. Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid continue their weekly, year-long series!

Link to the issue can be found here: DC UNIVERSE INFINITE

This will be the current book to read from 2021-07-26T05:00:00Z2021-08-01T05:00:00Z, but as with my other club, you can always come back and share your thoughts later. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to talking about this issue and this series with you guys. :slight_smile:


Kind of a slow issue.
Adriannas new name is rather unfortunate. I like the tought of her having some powers of her own. Now if she only had the power to change her name. Billy Talking to the sins and going crazy was comical yet disturbing all at once.
Again you can feel Ralphs desperation. Hes obviously not thinking clearly. Cassie and Ralph are both hurting so bad that I think it will lead to bad decisions being made.
I really like the mystery of the Renee and Charley story but, they kinda beat you over the head with what a loser Renee feels she is. I feel bad for her cuz every female she runs into has a grudge against her. She cant do anything right.
Looking forward to next weeks issue…

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Interesting to see the origin of Isis. Hopefully, her new powers don’t corrupt her. I was sad to see Shazam acting crazy but I suppose I wouldn’t be too coherent if the 7 deadly sins were all talking to me.
Poor Ralph is getting sucked into the cult 's attempts to resurrect the dead. I just know this won’t end well for him or Cassie.
Renee and Vic going to Kahndaq couldn’t possibly end badly!


Overall a well-written and drawn issue of 52. The Renee / Question storyline just kind of “stopped by” to remind us they are there. Ralph going along with a crazy resurrection ritual is a bit surprising since he leans towards Batman / rational detective personality type. Batman would never go along with it I am thinking- at least I don’t recall him using the Lazarus Pit for himself or others (aside, the Arrowverse uses the Lazarus Pit with such abandon I’m surprised one of the heroes hasn’t opened a chain of Lazarus Pit Spas).

The Black Adam segment worked well. Like others here, I’m not thrilled seeing Billy half crazed, but overall the concept worked, welcome Isis…for a time anyway.


I guess that just goes to show the depths that Ralph has fallen since he’s lost his wife. I think it’s tragic that both him and Cassie have fallen in for this cult.

Not that I can recall. At most he’s stopped people from using it on his loved ones – like in Tom King’s run, as well as Tower of Babel. There may be some moments I’m blanking on, though.

…That would legit make for a fun story though, maybe for one of the jokeier animated series. I could definitely see Harley Quinn: The Animated Series bust a gag like that.

It’s sad but I get it – at this point he’s a young person who while having experience as a superhero, is still rather innocent, now having to listen nonstop to all the most base and vile thoughts and ideas via the Seven Deadly Sins would drive anyone off the deep end.