The 52 Book Club: Week Three

Hello and welcome to the newest addition of the 52 Book Club, where every week we read an issue of the acclaimed weekly maxi-series that spans throughout the entire DC Universe after the fallout of Infinite Crisis.

This week we’ll be reading issue 3, again written by the powerful team of Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, Greg Rucka and Grant Morrison, with breakdowns by Keith Giffen and drawn by Joe Bennet.

Black Adam lays down an ultimatum for his home of Kahndaq and John Henry Irons investigates the dead body of Lex Luthor with the help of…Lex Luthor?!

Here’s the link to the issue: DC UNIVERSE INFINITE

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and discussing them with you all. :smiley:

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Ah, man, I got all excited seeing the 70s Superman villain from the Bronze Age Terra-Man appearing… then Black Adam has to go do what he did. Boooooo lol

The mystery of Booster Gold and Skeets where history is not what it was supposed to be is intriguing. I don’t recall the answer, I just remember Skeets going evil for some storyline.

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Lex loves getting heroes to publicly endorse him or whatever he’s doing.

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Black Adam and him brutally murdering C-list villains, name a more iconic duo. :laughing:

Yeah, I like the whole concept of Booster having this mystery, though I’m surprised that the death of Ted Kord from Countdown to Infinite Crisis wasn’t really mentioned. I could see that being a reasonable headcannon for his current mood, that he’s a little manic trying to forward his career so he doesn’t think about how he lost his best friend.

Man, Lex was so smarmy and smug, you can really feel John’s annoyance.

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I really like Black Adam’s “heroic” turn as a well-meaning despot.

These “History of the DCU” backups are a bit dull, but I guess they’re helpful for anyone who would choose the series 52 (of all things!) as an entry point.

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If only it were not that sparkle suit…

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