The 52 Book Club: Week Nineteen

Hello and welcome to the 52 Book Club, where each week we read an issue of this critically acclaimed maxi-series as we celebrate it’s 15th anniversary!

This week we’re reading issue 19 written by the usual gang of Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns and Mark Waid, with art breakdowns by Keith Giffen and finishes by Patrick Olliffe. This issue also features a Secret Origin back-up story for Animal Man written by Mark Waid and drawn by Brian Bolland.

As Skeets attempts to convince the original Booster Gold’s ancestor to pick up where his descendant left off, Lobo takes Adam Strange, Animal Man and Starfire to the last place they expected: church?!

Link: 52 #19

Looking forward to discussing this issue with you guys. :slight_smile:


The space Opera with Lobo is developing nicely, again, I don’t remember a thing about where this part is heading.

I do remember an evil plotting Skeets storyline, I guess it was in 52 after all.

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I do kind of remember what’s up with Skeets here, and I’m kind of looking foward to getting to that. :smiley: