The 52 Book Club: Week Forty-Two

Hello and welcome to the 52 Book Club, where each week we read an issue of the acclaimed weekly event to celebrate it’s 15th anniversary!

This week we’ll be reading issue number the answer to life, the universe and everything 42, written by the Usual Suspects of Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns and Greg Rucka, with art breakdowns by Keith Giffen and finishes by Darick Robertson. This issue also has a Secret Origins back-up focused on Green Arrow written by Mark Waid and drawn by Scott McDaniel.

After weeks and weeks of mental anguish, questionable actions, and great leaps of faith, Ralph Dibny’s emotional journey finally comes to a close. How far can one man stretch before he breaks?

LINK: 52 #42

If you’re just joining us or want to catch up, you can check out previous entries by clicking the hashtag #52-book-club.

Looking forward to discussing this issue with you all! :smiley:


Great to see Ralph have everything figured out. He set an ingenious trap, but it is a sad ending still.

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Solid ending to his story, though super dark.

Was that his wife with green hair at the end, or someone else?

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