The 5 Biggest Moments in YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS Thus Far

We’ve been taken on an emotional roller coaster throughout the first half of Young Justice: Outsiders. We have experienced terror, romance, adventure and comedy.

While challenging to hone in on just 5 moments, our illustrious writer has managed to do just that. Read his take on the subject by following the link below, or finding the article in the News section of DC Universe:

Was there a BIG moment that was missed? Did we neglect to mention the very moment that’s been keeping you up at night? Let us know in the comments below!

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I think my most over-Whelming and under-Whelming moment has been Victor Stone’s origin story. While Cyborg’s tale has been told before in other universes of the DC Multiverse, we get to see it here for the first time on Earth-16. Initially, it was underwhelming because Vic was having a very emotional moment in S.T.A.R. Labs with his dad; Aqualad, I mean Aquaman, er Silas Stone, wait What? You couldn’t get Rocky Carroll to reprise his role from Justice League: War? So hard to Not see (hear?) Khaldur during that tense moment. Khary Payton Is Awesome, BTW, but as mentioned before from other posters, there are many artists to Phil (LaMarr / Morris) the role. It just took you out of the moment. But after the brutal devastation wreaked on Vic’s body, fully exposed organs, wow this ain’t a kids’ show. No wonder, (Now He’s) Silas, (because I’m back in the moment), through the Father Box into the gaping hole of what was left of his son. Best Cyborg origin, in the best Cyborg rendition ever.

In addition to everything mentioned in the article here’s come of my favorites:

Oracle and Nightwing
Will Harper is a superhero, super-dad, super-security guy, and the closest to a Wally West that Dick has at the moment. Loved that.
Deathstroke in charge of the assassins and Terra being rescued
Will Harper and Cheshire
Wonder Woman being “in” on it all.
Superboy I love superboy this season especially.
The JL Meeting in the first episode is amazing as well.

But the Vandal Savage episode really just has so much to think about and examine for the entire series and I cannot wait til the rest of the episodes air.


Dick and Babs was by far the biggest moment!!

The debuts of Oracle and Forager along with a hint of reborn Jason Todd and seeing the babies that will grow into the Super Sons have been my favorite moments.


Jason and Damien

The debut of Oracle!

I may be biased, but definitely the DickBabs moment.

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