Thats it!? No More Teen Titans?!

So I just finished watching teen titans and… wow!
I had watched most of the series before, but I had never watched season 5 for some reason, so I finally got around to it.
Is that really how it ends!?
I would’ve much rather preferred for the second-to-last episode to end it all. Do you think they will ever bring it back?


There’s the follow up film, “Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo,” which helps conclude the overall story. It’s still a little rushed but I think it’s very entertaining and pretty satisfying. You can rent it on Amazon for like 3 bucks I think. :smile:


A new season has been talked about over the years, but right now there’s no word.

I would also recommend checking out Trouble in Tokyo, and following that with the “Teen Titans Go!” comic book series on DC Universe from 2004 (unrelated to the later comedy focused reboot). Later issues of the series continued after the show ended, and bring desired resolution.


If you want resolution on Terra, as provided by the tie-in comics (spoilers below):

Terra’s brother, Brion Markov, comes to Jump City to find her. He and Beast Boy learn that Terra was unpetrified along with the rest of the world after the Trigon incident in Season 4, but with her memory gone — giving her a chance to start over. Beast Boy and Brion ultimately decide to let her live her new life, and not to disturb her newfound happiness.


i hope they bring it back

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The fourth season was supposed to be the series finale but they decided to order another season.

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