ThatBlackLabelLife Book Club Week Two (02/19/2020)


It’s a big week with some SUPER exciting books, so here are the links to the separate discussions:

I read the first couple pages of Dead Earth while my daughter was at the eye doctor this morning and let…me…TELL YOU!!! Just the first four or five pages were AMAZING!!!

I can’t wait to talk to you all about what you thought of these great books!

For updates on future Black Label releases and to join ThatBlackLabelLife Book Club go here:


Looks like we got a few new members, so I went ahead and tagged the group here.

I’ll also include a link to last week’s books:

I’m REALLY hoping someone read Wonder Woman: Dead Earth this week. The end of the book blew me away!!! I’m thinking that it’s going to be one of my favorite Black Label books of all time!!!

And also, I was asked to post a schedule for the month March for all the other club leaders and thought I would share it here. You folks need to know more than anyone else what to look forward to next month:


  • Daphne Byrne 3
  • Strange Adventures 1
    Spoiler Discussion:


  • The Dollhouse Family 5
    Spoiler Discussion:


  • Plunge 2
  • The Low, Low Woods 4
    Spoiler Discussion:


  • Basket Full of Heads 6
  • Batman: Curse of the White Knight 8
  • John Constantine: Hellblazer 5
    Spolier Discussion:

Is there anything you’re looking forward to? I’m REALLY looking forward to Strange Adventures!

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The comment above has the club schedule for March.
Hellblazer 4 comes out this week (February 26th) and we’ll be discussing Issue 5 the week of March 25th.
Hope you’re able to join the discussions! I’d love to read what you think!!!