That was so bull**** that Dr.Manhattan can control or even examine magic

I mean come on I know he powerful but how does he control magic??? He’s science based is magic just anotrher science now? Can anything ever be true magic?

Magic is one of those things that is highly subjective to whoever is writing.

Some writers have a more fantasy idea of magic.
Some writers have to ground it in realism and explain things with science.

I’ve learned I have to gauge each writer individually about how they interpret magic.

I liked Roger Stern’s approach in Dr. Strange and Neil Gaiman’s in Books of Magic.
And Alan Moore’s in Swamp Thing.

I wasn’t fond of Aaron’s approach in Dr. Strange, although there were a few things I did like such as Stephen seeing invisible forces that most people are oblivious to.

And I was conflicted over the Archie Horror Sabrina.
It was more of a horror book, so it paints everything really dark.
So I never got a glimpse of the good side of magic in it to form a solid opinion.

In my opinion, magic has several layers and different facets.
But most of them involve manipulating physical forces in an unseen way.

What follows is based on my own personal theories of magic in fiction.

Scientifically, you could manipulate those same forces, in a seen way, and ‘say’ you manipulated magic, but you really just manipulated the things that would’ve been manipulated by magic.

And in some stories, magic is held in check by reality.
In such a way that if magic is performed, reality rushes in like water filling a hole, to quickly explain how such a thing happened.

And scientifically, it is possible to hinder magic by actively controlling the forces that the magic user is trying to manipulate.
This would be equivalent to not taking your eyes or hand off of an object to not allow a moment to occur where it could plausibly be moved.
But this would only last as long as the person maintains this hold.
As soon as they took their eyes off or no longer held their attention on the object, it would then be free to follow its course.

Then there’s also mentalism, which is more scientific than magical.
It’s possible that a psionicist could mentally control a magic user to control magic.
However, it would have to be done in a form of suggestion instead of outright control.
Outright control would fail to connect spiritually with the forces and elements, and the magic user would have to have some manner of control to be effective.
Using a suggestion method instead would allow the magic user full control, but their actions would be influenced by the psionicist.