That Hush trailer though....

It looks awesome, i love that sketching of animation. And it looks full of characters.


Jeph Loeb always crams as many villains as he can into his stories, which I liked in The Long Halloween and Dark Victory because those stories were sort of about the “freaks” replacing the mob and organized crime in Gotham. In Hush it just felt flimsy, because he had the Riddler gave super flimsy rapid fire responses for every character towards the end of the series. Not that Hush was particularly bad. It was good, I just don’t think it’s as good as people say it is. The movie looks like a substantial improvement over the story arc already, which makes sense since everything has to be more connected for a film to work, so it will probably be less episodic. Overall, I’m really excited for it and probably won’t be two upset if they take some reasonable creative liberties (reasonable = not to the extent of Batman: The Killing Joke).

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Looks pretty good.


I honestly wasnt a fan of the story in the comics, though I always enjoy movies.


I’m so hyped already! I do love when they give Batman a good mystery to solve and it looks like this will be one of the great ones. :mag_right:


Maybe I remember differently, but as for Loeb cramming in as many villains as possible in his work, I don’t recall him doing that during his runs on Superman or Superman/Batman.

Sure, the Public Enemies arc had multiple villains, but for what, one issue when they gang up on Superman and Batman? Luthor was the main baddy and Major Force was the only other one I remember sticking around for more than one issue.

@Vroom Sorry, by work I was specifically referring to his work on Batman. I think he just likes the Batman villains and wants to use as many as possible when he’s writing Batman.

I figured :slight_smile:

You can’t blame him though. With Jim Lee on art, I’d toss them all in, plus I’d have the cow jump over the moon with the fork too.


What about that new deathstroke news, sounds intriguing.

I recognize every scene in the trailer from the comic I’m personally glad just don’t pull a killing joke(Batman and Batgirl)

Am I the only person who didn’t really think that the Hush storyline was that great? On top of that, I’d lay odds that they’ll cram Damien into this version.

@J3D28F You’re not alone. Read my reply; it’s the first one.

And it would be really weird if Damien DIDN’T show up since this takes place in the same continuity as the other DCAMU movies. It’s not really cramming him in so much as it’s sticking to the established universe. But he is in the Teen Titans, so they could just say he’s busy with that.