That Black Label Life

Are you reading any of Black Label’s Prestige Format books, like:

  • Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity
  • Wonder Woman: Dead Earth
  • The Question: Deaths of Vic Sage
  • Joker: Killer Smile

Are you excited about Black Label’s Hill House Horror Comics?

Would you like to be updated weekly on what to look forward to from DC’s Black Label?

If so, join this group of like minded readers who are just as excited about these books as you are!

Because…after all, it’s all about That Black Label Life!

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Don’t forget to keep up with Hellblazer as well. :grin:


Definitely Hellblazer!!!
I’m reading that series with my daughter’s boyfriend as well!

YESSSSSSSSSSSS I HAVE all three of Joker: Killer Smile, and I cant wait for Batman Smile Killer later in the year.

I got to say , Joker K.S was one of those stories that rarely gets to me but only because the boy in the story reminded me of my nephew, and to just see a family ripped apart was even more heart breaking.

AND Wonder Woman Dead Earth, holy friggin cow how exciting this one is turning out to be, Though what I really like about these two in particular is how big the books are, it becomes for me more immersive ; I feel like I am going to be swallowed up into the books, and there is more depth to the art.

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I’m beginning to love the Black Label books. I’m finishing reading the Harleen series and it’s super good. I have Joker: Killer Smile coming in the mail sometime this week. Also happy to see Batman: White Knight was made a Black Label after it came out. That book surprised me by how good it was. I always loved the creativity of standalone books and exploring something different from the norm. Anyway, I joined. :metal: Cool club!

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Personally I was surprised / very happy to see The Question series, one of the cooler characters that needed a good expansion / storyline. What I’d love to see is a Black Label version of Dr. Fate!


Definitely on both counts. I am down for anything Black Label puts out. I would love to see Black Label put a spot light on an eclectic entourage of individual and groups of characters from DCU.

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So I just picked up a basket full of Black Labels.
Batman Damned - HC presumably without guest appearance by Lil’Wayne.
The Last God #1-4
Batman Curse of the White Knight #1-4 and Mr. Freeze one-shot and
Harleen #1-3 wow her look progresses on the three covers from happy normal complected to insane white complected. Looks like a good mini-series.
Still have a few to read before I get to these. Looking a little Joker/Bat/Harley heavy. I’m hoping we get so see more of that eclectic entourage of groups and individuals soon. @GreekThunder the more I think about the more I think Dr. Fate in this format would be awesome.

It’s a good series so far and the art style is fantastic.

I need to revisit Harleen #1 before reading the rest because I let too much time pass between issues. I have that and Joker: Killer Smile, Joker/Harley Criminal Sanity, and Harley Quinn & The Birds of Prey in my collection which demand I read them. I thought Harleen #1 was a really good book, so reading it again will be a joy.

I’m currently reading Batman: White Knight here on DCU. I’m on issue #4 and love it. I had a bit of an issue with the two Harley’s at first, but once I got to the origin story of the second Harley, I was all in. My only complaint is the use of Napier’s name by GCPD and such when he’s Joker. I felt it was too humanizing to come from people who thought Joker was a monster. But I do like that they use Jack Napier as the Joker’s name and I really dig how the city is turning against Batman. Really well done.


I just picked up the latest Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity. Can’t wait to read it.

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I actually started it from the beginning this past week.
I started reading it wanting it to be what I wanted and was disappointed. So, I reread it to just enjoy the story and really enjoyed it!

Reading it seeing Harley and Joker as two people I’ve never read about at all ever…as two entirely new characters…I really dug the look at their pasts and how their relationships with their parents has to be what draws the two of them together. I guess anticipating the two of them to be drawn together is putting another expectation on the story, but it’s looking pretty inevitable.

At the end of the most recent issue you’ll get a look at what the next issue is going to be like and I’m super excited to get a look at that!

Over all it’s turning out to be a fun book. Not one of my favorites, but I’m glad I was able to finally get into it!


So, Black Label Club, Let me ask ya…

:bangbang::interrobang: Hellblazer: The Rise and Fall :interrobang::bangbang:

Coming out, in 8.5 x11 as Black Label seems to like, in Sept, 2020
more info

Look, I’ll buy it, even 1st Prt Issues Cause thats the kinda J.C. Fan I am, and I’m hoping for some good, old fashion Mature Audience Hellblazer, you know, cigarettes, alcoholism and not really lying, just leaving the bad parts of the plan out.

The plot seems workable, yet…

I don’t know who this chap calling himself John Constantine is but I barely recognize him!
Maybe it’s me but I really am not feeling the Artistic representation. Some loose examples would be his brow, cheekbones, hair, facial weight,etc. I don’t know if I would honestly recognize him without the Classic Red Tie, White Shirt, Black Pants and Burberry, Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat, (in Honey) and the books title.
John hold a special place in my heart so maybe I’m expecting too much. I think Aaron Campbell is doing a GREAT JOB in Spurrier’s Current Sandman Run. But that’s not under the Black Label imprint.

What do ya’ll think?


This current Sandman run is the first time I’ve read any Constantine outside of Justice League Dark and I’m LOVING it!!! So I can’t really come at this from the “Super Fan Perspective” that you have going on, but I’m excited and it looks like people are getting the stories they’re asking for…ones other than stories about the Trinity or Joker/Harley.

From the gate with Batman’s peen Black Label established that they’re there to give us adult content, so I’m very confident you won’t be disappointed!

As far as the look goes…different people draw different ways.

I’m looking forward to reading this with you!


For some reason it won’t let me tag you, but the current Hellblazer run is under Black Label. Here’s a link to our last discussion:


You are right my friend, it is. I’m not used to it yet I guess. Sandman makes me think Vertigo… Still mourning the loss I guess…


I am totally stoked! I always get very excited about some Constantine action. This sounds phenomenal!

Ready to be able to get back to my Comic Shop & get this on my Pull list ASAP!
Is it August yet? I might get to go back outside with other people in August.
Yep! Hearing the amazing news of this being released is causing me to speed up time & go out to play with others.
Miraculous John. You’ve done it again!


Thanks for this group! I love the black label stuff! So much so that back in Feb.-March I was thinking I wanted to change up my pull lists to anything “Black Label”.
I think this would make me really very happy.
Have a Super Day Super Fan Friends!