That Black Label Life: Week Twenty-one (07/01/20200


No new books this week, so I’m going to take it as an opportunity to get caught up on some of the Black Label books I haven’t had a chance to read.

No excuses for me this week. I will get caught up!

What books are you most into these days?

What Black Label books are you most looking forward to?

Here are the links to the last two weeks:

As far as what books I’m most into these days I have to say Deadly Class will always be my hands down #1 favorite book! I’m enjoying Locke & Key but recently my daughter got me into My Hero Academia and I’m LOVING it!!! This is my first go at a Menga so it’s taking some getting used to, but I’m really enjoying the story and I appreciate finally having something to geek out to with my daughter! JOKER WAR!!! I’m all about some good old fashioned chaotic Joker mayhem!!! I’ve been looking forward to Joker War for a while now! Death Metal is looking like it’s going to be a lot of fun!!! We get more DCeased next week so I’m also really looking forward to adding more art to my DCeased Wall:

For Black Label, I’m really enjoying Dead Earth…I think LOVING Dead Earth would be a better way to put it! Each issue ends SO WELL and Issue Three ended HARD! I can’t wait to get Issue Four!!!

If anyone is having a hard time storing their Prestige Format Black Label books, I picked up a six square cube storage shelf from Wal-Mart today and they fit PERFECT! I thought I would share that, because storing them has been driving me crazy: