That Black Label Life: Week Twelve (04/29/2020)


Hopefully down to the last three of these weekly check-ins.
Was at my Comics Shop today and they said that they’ll have new books for sale May 20th. To be honest, I didn’t ask what was coming in, but I’m confident we’ll be getting some Black Label books that week.

Thanks for hanging in there!

What are you all reading?

I’m at Issue 30 of The Walking Dead and Issue 17 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’ve been mostly reading Walking Dead, but before getting stuck on that story I managed to read to Issue 12 of The Boys. I’m thinking about picking The Boys back up this week…I could use something over the top and rowdy. Maybe I’ll read some Zombie Tramp.

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I just finished Joker: Killer Smile and wow. Whenever I thought I had the book figured out, the next issue raised the stakes. It’s a short read, but has a strong impact on the reader (me).

I just got Jurassic Park Redemption in the mail, so I may read that next. Also, I was looking at my bookshelf and saw all the TPB I haven’t read. I may read one. Either Battle Pope or Hack/Slash.


Been reading from the DC Library. I’m currently digging Elseworlds.

Loved the Walking Dead series. Killer Smile was really good, too.

So far my favorite Black Label book is Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, but Killer Smile was way up there!

Joker in Death of the Family is what got me hyped about collecting again. Before that I read the occasional digital comic online…so Inreally enjoy a good Joker story.

I loved the Children’s Book throughout the three issues. That really helped make it SUPER creepy!!!


I’m thinking about diving into the library here next week.

I’ll probably read some Lobo. I miss me some Main Man!!!

The weird clowny-faced children’s story looking cover on the last issue was so apropos to the “Children’s Book” theme. And Yes, it made it a super creepy story.

oh :open_mouth: Spoiler Alert on the Main Man He’s a real bastiche. :rofl:

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