That Black Label Life: Week Eleven (04/22/2020)


Still no new books.

Looks like DC is going to give another distributer a chance to put out a couple books next week and Daphne Byrne is on that list. I can get hold of it, but my LCS is sticking with Diamond and isn’t expecting new books until mid May.


If we want to do Daphne Byrne next week I can make it happen, or I can just stick with the weekly check-ins unil diamond starts distribution again.

Let me know how you feel.

Have been kind of out of the loop in this particular group. I’ve been following the Diamond situation as far as the physical comic shops, but through a former owner’s videoblog and he’s ranting about it mostly. Are digital releases also on hiatus during the pandemic?

(off to the DC store to poke around …)


If you can get Daphne Byrne go for it. Problem is not all of us may be able to get it to read and discuss.
Kinda have mixed feelings about Diamond.

Latest article on DC digital releases
While I do like digital, nothing beats having one in your hands, especially Black Label’s prestige format.

If no one says they’re interested in in discussing it next week I’m just going to wait until my LCS starts receiving new shipments. They’re thing is that even though there may be no new books, there are thousands upon thousands of books that are new to me. So for different fees they out together custom packages for people of books they think the person would enjoy…I’m having a lot of fun with that for now and can wait.

As far as Diamond goes…it’s honestly intelligent business that they’re pretty much the sole distributer for the entire country. It sucks that they shut down temporarily, but lots of other businesses are in the same boat and at the end of the day we’re all in this together.

I got hold of some old Buffy, TMNT and Walking Dead books digitally to keep me occupied as well, but I’m not at all interested in getting the books I collect physically in digital format.

It’s looking like the middle of May for new books, so until then I’ll just keep posting a weekly “Hello” as to maintain good habits.

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You might laugh that I have the Harleen Black Label book, and didn’t want to open and read it because it was so nice (browsed the comic store copy). Buying the digital preserves the condition of the book/paper :slight_smile: I know, I know, this doesn’t seem very sensible to some (many) maybe, but I’m really digging the Black Label design.

I was able to pick up the first Harleen on Google Play Comics yesterday for $0 as a promotion. Not sure if that’s still running. I’m going to buy the full book digitally.

I bet others are double-dip buying some of their more favorite comics.


I here what you’re saying. I love my comics but I want to read them, too. And I know lots of people that have a reading copy And a collector copy. I like that you have a digital & collector copy :+1:

My short boxes are starting to take up a lot of room. So I’ve been exploring a split between my absolute loves in hard copy and my nice/fun to haves in digital. Speaking of what is this Google Play that you speak of?

And yes, gotta love that Black Label prestige format. For me I think it’s because it expands the art and they feel like more grown up comics. :face_with_monocle:

I’ve been reading TMNT and Walking Dead…well…mostly Walkind Dead through Comicat on my tablet and it’s a nice way to read. At the same time though, I’m real disapointed that I don’t own them physically.

I’m thinking I’m going to go tje physical copies for the collection with a digital copy to read route as well.

It’s the process I enjoy most…
Getting to the shop before it opens. Scanning and labeling my books. Alphabetising them in their respective boxes.

And the art to. I’m really starting to appreciate the art. Like the Rogues Gallery Variants theyre putting out with the current Batman books or the Movie Poster & Zombie Varients with DCeased. You dont get art to display with digital books.

I feel the same waybas you both regarding the prestige format books. There is definatly something special aboit owning those! And the art is AMAZING!!!