That Black Label Life Book Club Week Seven (03/25/2020)


Sorry I didn’t post the books coming out today this past Monday but I run the Sporting Goods, Paint and Hardware departments for a Wal-Mart store and Retail Management during The Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 ain’t no joke!!!

I won’t miss another Monday though!

On a brighter note…

Here are the discussions for this week’s books:

I’m not reading The Last God and I’m nowhere near caught up on The Books of Magic, but I’m LOVING the other three books out this week!!!

That description for the Hellblazer book tho:

“John Constantine has just been named the One True Magelord of All England. Please pray for England.”

Feel free to express you excitement for these books or to talk about how much you’re enjoying reading them, but please don’t begin any spoiler conversations until Saturday, 03/28/2020!

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Customer Host here, I know the struggle. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I really liked the ending for Curse of the White Knight. I don’t know if the final fight was as climactic as I was hoping, but it definitely helps set up an interesting new place for the characters in what I hope will be the next volume. Trial of the White Knight, perhaps?

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