Thanks for the TV-MA

That title is not sarcasm. I don’t like the story being restricted and hampered so I do like it when you remove the chains and let them do everything that it takes to tell the story right. That said, the general perception and a significant amount of your content is actually for kids and some kids and parents are more sensitive than others. That could become a problem. Solution, add a kids section that locks out things above a preselected rating. Something like what Netflix has. Therefore you can have Titans, Constantine City of Demons the move, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, Batman: The Killing Joke and Teen Titans Go and Justice League Action and LEGGO Batman all on the same platform without a parental backlash and the culture clashes that seem to lead you astray with movies. (Like when you lost Michael Keaton from the Tim Burton movies and when you let Snyder go).

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Service still needs parental controls, but it at least sends emails when something personally restrictive is viewed.