Thanks For Everything, DC Community -- ❤, Applejack

Hiya @Applejack

It sure won’t be the same without you.
The professionalism, care & concern you brought to the community shall never be forgotten. No matter how much the community might change over time, your “fingerprints will still be here.

“Thank you” is hardy a phrase that can encompass all that you have done to build this community. “Ever grateful” is probably more appropriate.

Best wishes in your new gig.

Big, ginormous :hugs:


I will miss you Applejack, goodluck with your future endeavors.


Words fail me, and in a lot of ways, words are my thing.

But I never stay on social sites, and I stayed on here for years.

No group of moderators ever made me feel like one of the Super Friends before–

Actually, no matter how hard the site or the people tried, I’ve seldom to never seen people truly be friends before. And I met a girlfriend on Facebook.

Here, the players have made friends.

If you take anything from this side of the DCU experience with you, always remember that.


You have been such an integral part of this community. I have appreciated every single moment that I got to share with you in this community. You have probably the biggest heart of anyone that I have ever met, which I know you don’t always see in yourself. You have a kind and gentle soul that I am glad I got to meet. I wish you love and light in this life, @Applejack. You deserve all the good things in this life. Thank you for being so kind to us and being a part of our community. You will always be one of us. :slight_smile:


@Applejack- you wear the mantles of inspiration, grace, and DCU Fandom like the true champ that you are. My own fandom and love for BG and the DCU has been and always will be fortified by your presence in this space.

My close friend/skater pal skated the most beautiful routine I had ever seen to this song way back when. Her nimble and thoughtful movements on the ice were truly an uncommon sight to behold. When she toe picked her final element to a stop myself and everyone in our group were wiping away the tears as we had never seen something so wonderful on the ice before. That’s what you are to all of us- something so very wonderful to behold.

M’kay, starting to well up so I’mma get scootin’. You have to come back here and hang with us Applejack, and I’m def down to hang out once I’m back in LA. :smiley: Now here’s an awesome GIF of our gurrrlll because she’s amaze.

Thank you so much for everything. :purple_heart: :yellow_heart: :purple_heart:



I wish my words could convey the way I feel about you —

Yours is a soul I’ll remember and cherish for a long time —

I’ve said so much to you already, yet there is still so much left to say —

So you keep coming around now, ya hear? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Oh God this is too wholesome!! Applejack you were a constant here in this community, and seeing you be so genuinely kind to everybody in office hours (no matter their question) was so refreshing and honestly impressive! I don’t know how you had the patience some times! Even though I didn’t interact with you on a personal level that much, it makes me quite sad to see you go, but I never expected you to stay here forever and I’m sure you’re off to great places! God bless you and your endeavors!


Thanks for everything you’ve done!


Thank you for everything you’ve done for the community, Applejack! Your contributions won’t be forgotten. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors!


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