Thanks DCU for acknowledging LGBT

As most can see, this month has gone by quick and unfortunately this is not one of the better months you and I had on DCU with all the trolling and backlash from so-called fans.

It has caused us to forget what really matters, that this month is Pride. And none of the LGBT members made a thread to thank you, not a sincere thank you anyway.


I thought I would!

That’s right, in light of the situation that has befallen us over the debockle of Swamp Thing, I think we should focus on a happy celebration moment.

Yes, I’m straight and married but doesn’t mean I cannot celebrate as well :slight_smile:

Your willingness for inclusion and to honor those that entertain diversity is what makes you heroes at DCU, we love you and you love us - you honor us through our faults, you befriend us when others discard us and you acknowledge us when much of the world bullies us for our choices. We cherish you!

Thank you DCU staff and mods!!!


Everyone celebrating or supporting Pride month should like this thread or something is very wrong here…

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A great idea, Gibby.

A big thanks go out not just the mods but to the news editors as well and the contributors.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. I hope that others will reflect on that moment and give thanks for the civil disobedience that brought the fight for equality truly into the public sphere.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
Part of that vigilance is not just individuals but collectives and corporations who have taken stands for diversity and community.

I am very grateful to DC for bringing LBGTQ heroes into, maintaining, and increasing their inclusion into the DC canon and the legacy that creates.

Much gratitude.


Thanks @DeSade-Acoltye

I agree!!

Great thread @Gibby. I lost my Uncle to H.I.V. he was a great and hilarious person. I wish He could see how today’s cultural out look has changed. We are all just people trying to get by in this world, the fact that my Uncle preferred men was the least important thing about him. To have to live a life in fear of prosecution by the world or worse loved ones is horrible.

DC thank you for being classy as always.
& any members of the LBGTQ community, I hope you feel that you are respected and loved here in the DCU community.


Oh yes, the DC Universe brand is strong and we love everyone here.

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We do have a long-standing thread dedicated to LGBTQ DC fans here:

I personally have expressed my thanks there and in other threads for DC’s stated commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and equality. They’re really at the forefront, in my opinion, as a media company with such dedication to the queer community.