THank you for the recent announcement and upload of comics

After being vocal on these forums and on Reddit about the lack of comics on DCU, let me be the first to say thank you to the folks who worked to get the library updated.

I look forward to seeing more comics added and being able to read DC history and new stuff going forward.

i ask for a couple of things, if any one with any insight or power is reading this.

  1. Please leave the comics up longer than a week or a month. Not everyone has he time or reads at the same speed and it would be nice to have that luxury.

  2. For future updates on the app, new ways to search for the comics. Right now, it’s just set up A-Z. HOw about publication date? I like to read comics in order of when they were published, like a pull list. Just a thought for down the road.

Thank you again for the hard work of making the comics section better



I know recent Teen Titans isn’t everyone’s favorite, but I renewed my subscription too late last year, so if issue #16 is gone by the time issues #15 and #17 (which I’ll order on Amazon) get to my house, I’m gonna be pretty mad.

We will receive a 2 week notice before anything is pulled.

Same. I greatly appreciate the good variety of comics added. Would love a better way of letting people know like an “Expiration” notification when comics are leaving.

Also, a better way of organizing offline downloads similar to the way it is done in the DC Comics app (easier scrolling, sorting, etc.)

Otherwise thank you for improving the service.

@lessthan12parsecs, that is so incredibly kind, thank you! We do have a team of mods that track these posts for feedback, and yours has been noted. We have a long list of improvements we’re excited to make, including improved search ability and comic sorting.

As for 1), we are no longer frequently rotating comics out and do not plan to rotate any out for the foreseeable future.

Feel free to come back anytime and let us know your thoughts. We’re a new and squishy service, so it’s the perfect time to make your imprint.


When will Injustice year 2 through 5 be available?