Thank You DC Universe

Thank you DCU for being you. I know I speak for EVERY SINGLE member who actually is a fan when I say the following:

Please don’t give in, don’t give up. Don’t listen to the nay-sayers, be strong, be our super heroes.

It’s apparent to me that “some” people here causing trouble are genuinely angry for the loss of Season 2 Swamp Thing BUT I know that some of those are actually just trolls taking advantage of a dire situation. They are here to cause chaos, division and discord. They desire to make many of us REAL members leave and second guess our place here on the forums and our position for supporting you.

I just want to let you all know there at DCU that we, the true fans, see through the bs. We are one, heartache to heartache, we stand strong because love is a battlefield.

We are ready to stand by your side and fight til the last breath in supporting you and keeping this community safe and non-toxic for all. We will fight!

Thank you DCU staff and welcome to thr new era, we always knew this time would come, where heroes would need to rise. Nobody said the forums would remain easy. Once the public dipped their toes into a story, it was only a matter of time before the service became a target for being something else, for being difference.

We will fight!



We can be heroes, if just for one day


Man, if we all held ourselves up to the same standard that the mods in this community hold themselves up to, the world would be full of heroes. Thanks for giving us all something to aspire to :slight_smile:


We can all be heroes, and are. Except batman. I’m batman

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So, you’re saying you’re Batman and Batman’s not a hero?


I’m saying you all can be any hero except batman


I was with you right up until you broke into Pat Benatar :rofl:


That’s why I went with Bowie


DC you can count on my steal!


I’ll stand by your side!

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…that’s the Pretenders…

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Glory of love!!!

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So your labeling people who criticize the service and have a difference of opinion as trolls? And you say you are a ‘real fan’ cause you don’t expect better?

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Lol can’t believe this place keeps getting worse

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@ Redhood.55520,

He said that there are trolls that are jumping on the bandwagon to spread rumors because everyone is susceptible to believing them right now.
They want nothing more than to see DC Universe go down in flames, and they probably don’t even subscribe.

Of course, there’s also a lot of victims of the rumor-mill coming here to see if it’s true, also.
And since the forum doesn’t have a sticky feature they ask the same questions that someone else did ten minutes earlier.

I, personally, would make it where non-subscribers only have access to the Watchtower.



You’re right, this place is getting worse but it’s not because of me. If only you knew how many new accounts were being made just to dump negativity and then run when the mods nicely asked them to contact them directly, if only you knew how many threads got deleted. It’s too easy to make accounts to troll if people really want to. The forum should have been exclusively for payers to begin with, in my opinion.

I agree with LeonardoMyst, there should be a specific section where non-paying guests should be allowed to make threads, comment and spam their opinions, instead of being cluttered everywhere. I know some people who don’t know their left from their right will call that censorship but it’s actually better for both non-paying members and the paying subscribers, it would also be easier for the mods to clean up the messes.

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Also, the people saying “I’m a subscriber but now I am canceling because I was looking forward to Swamp Thing” before Season 1 even ends seems a bit fishy to me.

It’s the same as buying a book, telling people you’re really excited about reading it, you get to chapter 2 or 3 then throw it away even though there’s 10 chapters total, all this only because the writer says there won’t be a sequel to that book. It doesn’t make sense and I don’t take it seriously. No offense to anyone out there who reacted this way.


Times are sounding scary as talks of budget-slashing at WB, and I would just like to take this time to say that I love this service and all content it’s given me over the last year and a half. I really pray this service does not disappear. Thank you, DC Comics, for all the stories.


Ditto !


I wish everone laid off by a Harsh corportate merger the best.

I think the timing is very disgusting (amidst covid layoffs)

But more than anything DC is a very tough company for me to choose solidarity and workers rights because i have such affinity for the cannon of characters.