Thank-You DC Universe!!

You guys have really listed to all of us fans about the comics selection on the app!! There’s SO MANY awesome stories to read on here now. Freakin’ Awesome!! I’ve been a fan of the DC Universe service since day one, but now it’s EVEN BETTER!! All these comics, plus the brand new REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN animated film!? PROUD DC FAN RIGHT HERE! :sunglasses: Keep up the amazing work DC!


Seconded…we are getting Grant Morrison’s Animal Man!!! Ive been wanting to read it for years!


You’re welcome! :slight_smile: Thanks for being so patient!


It has been exciting to watch this grow as much as it has so quickly! Saw the news about doubling the library size by end of March. Cannot wait!

Totally agree! Wonderful addition to a really wonderful service so far!! Keep up the great work guys!!

Well done DC. I have friends that left the service because of lack of content, i think you’ll be seeing a lot people re-sub.

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