Thank You and Safe Travels, Norm Breyfogle.

As some of you may have heard, comic book legend Norm Breyfogle passed away earlier this week. Today we are honoring his work and his memory across the DC Universe. It would be impossible to discuss the best of Batman without getting your eyes on Breyfogle’s work. For those who are not familiar with his contributions, we highly recommend checking out the highlights suggested in this article to honor his impact and remember his legacy:


Great tribute to an awesome artist… RIP :pray:t3:


R.I.P :sob:

Norm breyfogle 's Batman was the first comic I picked up in bootcamp and from there on out was the best artist for Batman,showcasing power ,mystery ,intensity…good bye to a classic DEFINITIVE Batman artist,thank you sir…


I grew up reading his and Jim Aparo’s Batman. It’s so hard reading about my favorite comic book artists passing away or having illnesses and always in dire need of funds. I’m not here to start anything, but the older I get the more I realize how extra hard it is to be a freelance artists (having been laid off and had to freelance for a year just a year ago). I’m sad I never got to meet him and tell him that I really appreciated his work, and can only offer my condolences to his family. I hope he got some royalties from DC with his co-created characters. I don’t recall a lot of reprints from his run on Batman, but it would’ve been good if he saw some money from that while he was still living. Rest In Peace.

I’m sad to hear of this, he was one of my most favorite creators on the Batman. I grew up admiring is art. He was one of the best of the best. One of the things I’ll never foget was his Batmobile. My condolences to his family and loved ones.
May he Rest In Peace .


Breyfogle got me into Batman’s comics in the early nineties.

His art was hypnotic, a mix between old and even cyberpunk. His art on Detective Comics #612 with Catman and Catwoman is one of favorites.


Loved Norm! He was kind and loving man.

The Mud Pack is one of my all time favorite Batman stories.

He was one of the greats of the post-Crisis era, and we lost him far too soon. Thanks very much for this tribute; I just wish he had gotten a mention on DC Daily as well! RIP Sir!

I’m gonna miss him. He and Jim Aparo were MY Batman artists for the longest time.


So sad to hear about Norm Breyfogle’s death. He was one of the definitive Batman artists when I was growing up & his cool, somewhat abstract style really stood out from the other artists of the time. He also did one of the very first Elseworlds stories “Batman: Holy Terror” that was very creative & totally different for that time. Grateful for many cool summer evenings reading comics Breyfogle drew - great memories. May he Rest In Peace & condolences to his family.

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R.I.P. :pray::pray::pray: You were one of the greats and will be missed.

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Norm was that Batman artist that made excited to hunt for back issues when I was 12. Comic shops, hobbie shops and anywhere there was a comic section I would look for Breyfogle issues. When I first saw the intro to BTAS, I thought it was based on Norm’s work because Batman moved dynamically the way he did in Norm’s books. I was luck enough to chat with him on FB and although we weren’t friends, he was always kind enough to answer questions and always shared what he was going through. May he Rest In Peace.

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I always loved his hyper-stylized art. Spectacular artist and huge influence on my own style. RIP

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Norm Breyfogle has a special place in my heart, growing up in the 80s. His comics brought me and my big brother together in a dynamic duo that has lasted our entire lives, and we owe it partly to Breyfogle. We got to meet him a few years ago in San Antonio before his stroke, and he sketched Nightwing for us. It’s a near and dear moment for us, and he was there to make it happen. It is a devastating loss to any fan of the DC Universe, and I’m glad to have grown up reading his stories, and will continue to share them with my son and daughter. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I will miss you greatly, and the world truly feels the loss.

The Batman comics Norm drew, will forever be cemented in my mind. This is my Batman. It’s how I think of Batman to this day. He is missed, and I hope he is looking down from on high at all his fans and family and is in a better place.

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R.I.P. Norm Breyfogle this man helped me on my bat journey in more ways then one. Some of my first memories that I have of seeing Batman on the pages was his Batman. When I first turned 18 I got a tattoo of the cover of Detective Comics #620 on my forarm so I could always see his artwork and one of my favorite versions of the caped crusader. This man will truly be missed and the Bat Family truly has suffered a loss. Lets all shine our bat singles for this amazing artisest who has helped shape our lives among so many others.