ten second review of JL v Fatal Five

Overall: not bad.

Clearly, this is a Rebirth movie. Whatever Dr Manhattan’s done has been completely undone.

It’s nice to see a green lantern use a ring like it’s “the most powerful weapon in the universe” for a change, even for just a fleeting moment. Someone teach Salak and the other poozers how to do it.

How does Superman not recognize the Legion or the Five? This movie doesn’t have the gravitas for that kind of rewrite.

Some good fight scenes. Star Boy dropping the Eye through the ground was pretty cool.

Music is iffy in some spots. Animation is pretty good.

Final report: watch the action clips on YouTube.

Why are you bringing up Dr. Manhattan? You know this isn’t in the same continuity as the comics, right?

My Final Report: watch it on DCU in 4K.