Tell us what comic book was the first one you ever read! Mine was Wonder Woman Rebirth Issue #5!

Your First Comic?


My first comic was a Superman book and record set entitled “Alien Creatures”. My second is such an obscure story where Superman is trying to find out who de-aged Batman and one other hero ( I think it was The Flash).

Crisis On Infinite Earths #5

It was an issue of Detective Comics. Somewhere around the beginning of Tim Drake discovering Bruce Wayne as Batman. I cant remember the issue number but the ghost of Jason Todd was haunting Batman and Bats was fighting Clayface.

All Star Squadron #7 , have loved the JSA ever since.

DC rebirth #1

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Jsa classified #17 with hourman and bane

My friend got me into Nightwing New 52 of all things (forgot which issue) and it was a complete nosedive into the DC Universe. I always liked the Justice League cartoons, but never got into comics till then.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

I don’t know for sure what the FIRST was, but one of the first I remember was a part of Batman: NML, where Superman visits. The one that I really got invested in was an issue of Detective Comics by Greg Rucka, as part of the Bruce Wayne: Murderer crossover. I recently bought it (I first read it in 2001 at the library).

First physical comic issue for me was actually Archie vs Preditor #3 just cause I was mildly curious but I started off digitally reading the first volume of Superman and Action Comics of the New 52 and I’ve been hooked ever sense.

JLA 112 - from 1974. A big Amazo battle, Seven Soldiers of Victory story line and a Starman (GA) story too.

Mine was Darkest Night #1 beleave it or not the darkest night series was an interesting and good place to start because it reference the whole bunch of characters I could go back and look into but all the ones that I kind of knew where the ones that were the main characters. Now that I’m deep in the comics looking back there was a whole lot of stuff about it I didn’t understand but it got me started.

I was in elementary school…

I think it was Green Lantern Mosaic number 1 or an issue of The Green Lantern Corps

The Batman Adventures Vol. 1 based off Batman: The Animated Series

Blood Syndicate issue 4. I won the comic at a Shakey’s when I was around 11. Good times.

World’s Finest #221 from 1973

Mine was batman rebirth issue #1. I’m pretty new to the comic book world but I think rebirth was a great starting point for me.

Don’t remember if it was “Death In The Family” trade paperback, or “What If Magneto Killed the X-Men”

Mine was G.I Combat #195. If had a great cover with a t-rex attacking a tank. I’m old…