Teen Titans: Year One (And any other short-lived series you love!)

Hey everyone! I don’t know if this will make for a great thread, but I’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite Titans/Teen Titans run lately. Teen Titans: Year One (2008) is such a great, stylized, well-written, and fun interpretation of the characters that I really love. I could be mistaken, but it seems like it only had its original six-issue run and then was dropped. It’s a real shame, but got me thinking. What are some of your guys’ favorite obscure and short-lived DC comic runs? I’d love to read and get to experience them. (And if you haven’t checked out Teen Titans: Year One before, it’s on DC Universe so give it a read).


Anything where Robin and Superman team up. And thanks for the recommendation!


Woah, those sound like a lot of fun. I’ll definitely have to look around for them.

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Just thought of another one. Green Lantern: Brightest Day/Blackest Night is an awesome Alan Scott comic. Beautiful art.

Thriller was a short-lived comic book series beginning in November 1983. The series was originally written by Robert Loren Fleming and drawn by Trevor von Eden. It was sold only through the direct market. The taglines for the series were, "She has 7 seconds to save the world " and “You can’t read it fast enough”. The “she” in question was protagonist Angie Thriller. The “7 seconds” referred to a team of operatives who assisted her in various conflicts.

Angeline Marietta Salvotini Thriller was the leader of a team of adventurers called the Seven Seconds, who were based in New York City a subjective “fifty years in the future”.

Angeline had the power to become one with any inanimate object, and thus control it. She could cause her face to appear on an object or even in the sky. The only living beings she could merge with were her twin brother Tony, and the artificially created Beaker Parish. Angeline could also see visions of possible future events.

Very much in the vein of pulp heroes such as The Shadow or Doc Savage, Angie Thriller was described in early publicity as being “like a cross between Jesus Christ and my Mom” by Fleming and she served as the ethereal leader for her team.

The Seven Seconds

Beaker Parish - the test tube experiment of two renegade college science students resulted in a 7-foot-tall (2.1 m) red-headed priest with unexplained psychic abilities. Beaker was a childhood friend of Tony and Angie.

Crackerjack - a youthful Honduran pickpocket, who was the ward of Angie’s husband, Edward Thriller. He had no given name, assists with the care of Angie and Edward’s son, Scotty, and served as an all around “gopher” for the team.

Daniel Grove - A photojournalist who filmed his brother’s execution by the villain Scabbard. Grove was saved from Scabbard by Angie, and offered the chance to join the Seven Seconds.

Data - Freddie Martin was the son of the President of the United States. He was the team’s communications and information expert, and worked with the team from an enhanced computer system built into his limo, one which Data was physically interfaced with and could never leave.

Proxy - Robert Furillo, Tony’s best friend. Bob was an actor, who suffered a disfiguring accident while freebasing drugs. Proxy used a synthetic spray on skin to create new disguises for the team’s more covert requirements.

Salvo - Tony Salvotini was Angie’s brother and a superhumanly expert marksman.

White Satin - Janet Valentine was Tony’s girlfriend. She had extranormal abilities and could disrupt a person’s physiology and mental state with a touch. She was also a jet pilot, hence the nickname “Jet”, coined by Salvo.

Supporting characters

Edward Thriller - Edward was Angie’s scientist husband, whose experiments with alien DNA resulted in his merging bodies with his wife, and resulted in her attaining godlike powers. They could not co-exist in the same place at the same time.

I have so much reading to do and I’ve never been more excited. Thanks for the insight!

Metamorpho: Year One is easily the best mini from the group of of Year One mini-series that came out around 2007/8 or so (yep, better than Green Arrow: Year One).

I’m biased though, as I adore Metamorpho. He’s a wonderfully entertaining character that’s woefully underrated.

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I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been going back the Year Ones. Teen Titans was the first one I read since they were some of the first comics I bought for my collection


I just love that cover pic!

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Right? I think it’s kind of the best of both worlds when it comes to the fun light hearted stuff and mature teamwork adventures.


Fun Fact: Teen Titans: Year One writer Amy Wolfram was also a writer on the Teen Titans TV series.


'Mazing Man.

A 12 issue series in the mid 80s, followed by 3 specials.

None of this is on DCU, but you can check out 'Mazing Man’s secret origin in Secret Origins # 16.

It was basically a superhero sitcom, a group of friends living in New York. One of them happens to believe he’s a superhero.

Sounds awesome. And, honestly, they don’t have to be DC. I just wanted to have this in general so more people could be part of the conversation.

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I know it’s 13 issues but it’s still a short story line, Batman the long Halloween is amazing.

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Darwyn Cooke’s The Spirit. Love it from head-to-toe.

Meant to write this in my previous post, but unfortunately it’s been out of print for years. I don’t know if it’s due to legal reasons or some other factor, but the only way you can read it is by hunting down the individual issues, or the two hardback volumes DC did that collect the entire thing. If you want just a taste, the Batman/Spirit one-shot by Cooke is here on the app for some reason, but the best parts of the run are in the main series.

Dang. Guess I’m gonna be searching. Thanks for letting me know

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No prob. It’s absolutely worth hunting down, and they’re relatively inexpensive on eBay right now.

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I’m usually more of a fan of longer issues, but will definitely check these titles out. Thank you all for the awesome suggestions! <3

Is it just me or does aqualad look petrified