Teen Titans vs Teen Titans cartoon

First I want to say I love the show I’m excited to see more. I only have a few wishes. I hope that Raven stops acting soooo Whiney. In the cartoon she was such a great character. She didn’t let her darkness define her and she had a far better grasp on her powers… I understand they all had to start out somewhere, but she was able to control her powers before she met the teen titans and she was raised by monks (or some jazz) this raven was raised by some rando and didn’t even know the chick was her mom. I’m curious to see where the show goes with that, but at the same time this whole demon possession thing is kinda annoying. Starfire was actually great! I hope she’s gonna be weird and more cheerful like she was in the show, but if she’s not it’s not the end of the world. My only grip is her powers she looked like was more like the Phoenix from X-men than starfire. I always thought she had green fire, but since I haven’t read the comics I could be wrong I’m going based off the cartoon of my childhood. (Not the teen titans go). So far it seems like they are gonna have beast boy right, but I kinda don’t like the fact that almost all the characters have done something wrong in the show… also why was beast boy such an after thought?! It’s like oh yeah, btw I guess we can add beast boy. Where is cyborg? I need answers

Compare Titans to the comics and not the cartoon. That show is good but a kids show and not the definitive version of the source material