Teen titans reading order question?

So for those who don’t know the new teen titans (1980) was renamed tales of the titans and ended a few years after the name change in the mid to late 80s. In 1984 a new series was made called the new teen titans and it lasted until about 130 issues into the early 1990s.

Well everywhere I look up reading orders for the titans it seems to completely ignore the issues of the new teen titans (1984) after around issue 40. It then says to read the young justice of the 90s then the teen titans series of the 2000s.

Why would I skip nearly 90 issues of the new teen titans (1984)? It’s not just one website but multiple suggesting that reading order.

Did they reset something to where those issues stories don’t matter or what? I’m confused why this is like that?

Either they’ve made a mistake or you’ve misread them in regards to New Teen Titans Vol. 1 (1980). After Tales of the Teen Titans #58, the series begins running reprints of Vol. 2.

The 1984 series, which was sold in a higher-quality format to direct market comic shops instead of newsstands, jumped ahead a year of the current events of the 1980 series, which was sold on newstands. When the 1980 series caught up to its sister series, it began reprinting issues from the second volume in the standard newsprint format until its cancellation with issue #91.

Another possible explanation is that the second volume renamed itself The New Titans with issue #50, and that’s somehow leading to some confusion. The only in-universe thing that occurs around issue #40 is the introduction of Danny Chase, and even though that child deserves to be boiled in acid, he’s not enough to justify writing off all those years of storylines.

A third possibility is that the lists were created when no issues beyond a certain point in Volume 2 had been collected in trade paperback or omnibus form.