Teen Titans Raven Now Available

I bought and read this graphic novel today.

No spoilers but this is the first time I ever liked Rachel Roch aka Raven in a comic book.

I admired her skill set, especially in Animated form but her personality was always remote and unfeeling except for a few Teen Titans cartoon episodes.

Here she is vulnerable. One reviewer called her endearing. I agree.

Art style is like Mera

Set in New Orleans. This Raven could walk in a Swamp Thing episode and be at ease because she knows that kind of South.

There is a preview of Teen Titans Beast Boy as well.


Question is Trigon the main villain?

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Yes, but not visible until the big fight in the end. Before that a voice in her head and in her dreams

It is mostly high school. Raven has lost her memory and is in a new environment. She is unaware and unprepared

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Looks good it may be my buy pile its getting big though might have to cut some stuff till next week or just buy Raven on one of my light weeks

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I checked it out from Hoopla. It’s quite good so far, I’m on chapter five.

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Just finished reading it it was good hate how it ended tho…