Teen Titans Performers

Look, I think the show overall is pretty good. I just think that Rachel (Raven) is the absolute worst actress DC could’ve found. The other actors and actresses aren’t that great either, but they’re better than Raven. I just don’t understand why they gave the lead role to the worst performer. I get that she’s about fourteen and she’s young, but I personally know fourteen year olds that are better performers than her! Why did DC go cheap instead of putting a little extra money into finding a better actress. I’m not asking them to replace all of the actors and actresses with better ones, even though that would definitely make me want to watch the TV show more, but why couldn’t they put in a little bit of effort in finding a “Raven”. Am I the only one that can’t help but cringe my way through each episode? Also, why is Starfire dressed like a prostitute the entire season, SHE DOESN’T HAVE TIME TO CHANGE!?!?!?!?

What reason(s) do you have to think Teagan Croft is a “cheap” actress?

Also, Starfire doesn’t look like a prostitute. While her costume design is very far from being comic accurate, she does have a milder costume design in some episodes. Plus, the show’s costume design for her is definitely less “loose” than how she appears in the comics.


Lol the girl who plays Raven is like 13 in real life, cut her some slack, I’m sure it’s like her first major acting gig.

I think shes doing excellent


I also think Teagan is doing great…
I can’t disagree with your statement regarding Kori

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My only problem with Teagan is how often her character cries. Literally every episode. I’ll admit, that might not be on her, but it does annoy me.

I actually feel raven is pretty good not sure I understand your opinion?


I can relate to Raven in a few different ways:

(Forewarning, some of this may be sensitive to some viewers, so caution advised.)

  1. I have been possessed by a demon before. When that happens, life becomes darker and an intense feeling of anger becomes more open to act upon.

  2. My Dad has always said I was empathetic. I try to understand other people and I hate hurting others.

  3. Something more common, but I do not fit in with most people. I have taken tests and have been classified as thinking differently than 97% of people (as well as being depressed).

Add those things up, and chances are sadness will weigh heavy on the individual. Trying to control a great evil as well as not hurt people is very difficult to understand, and when the two go into conflict, there is pain. And with pain, unless empathy is nonexistent, there will be tears. And because of the potential to harm others, hiding oneself seems the best course of action.

I apologize if this offended anyone or if this was unnecessary. I hope this shares some insight of how great Teagan Croft is performing as Raven. Also, I only meant to share my experience as an explanation and support for her performance.

the Raven character cries about as much as I’d expect a lonely, tormented, frightened, orphaned demon girl that’s discovering who and what she really is, to cry. a lot of the Raven jump scare stuff has gotten me pretty good. Teagan is a stand out for sure and they’re right to make her one of the focal points of this growing universe


I liked the show, and have no complaints about the cast. I am hoping though, that the Titans becomes less brutal in time, as the characters gain more control over their personal issues.


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I like Raven. She is young, but if she were older the interest Dick expresses in the beginning episodes might seem kind of weird. Here it seems more big brotherly or fatherly. I think she is sweet. Also it gives her room to grow with the show.