Teen Titans news?

Okay so I’m pretty sure I’ve brought this up before but I absolutely love the 2003 Teen Titans show and I would love for a reboot. My question is (aside from anyone actually knowing if anything will happen) is would you guys like to see a more mature reboot like ssn 3 of YJ or, would you guys want it to be the same and finish the series ? Personally I would love for it to be more serious with some more reliefs with the plot. For instance- What was in that freaking BRIEF CASE.

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This may not be exqctly on topic, but there is a movie that premiered at SDCC with both groups of Teen Titans



Ooo thank you, hopefully that’s like a way to integrate the new show (if they’re creating one).

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I just want them to start using the characters’ real names. It always annoyed me how Slade and Raven’s real names were the only ones out in the open (well, the Doom Patrol called Beast Boy “Garfield”, but only once). Although the show seemed to pass “Starfire” off as Koriand’r’s real name (saying it was the closest English translation).

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If the talked-about sixth season becomes a reality, I hope it doesn’t attempt to go the “mature” route. That isn’t what made fans enjoy the show in the first place, and adding isn’t necessarily going to make it better. I’d be happy if they manage to capture the same heart and stick to cel animation. If it stays silly with appropriate drama and action, like the original show, then good.

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LITERALLY I FEEL YOU @kristj. Like how close are they if they didn’t even know their real names? That and never changing out of their uniforms kinda bothered me. :joy::joy: even tho teen titans go is more of a joke it’s kinda funny and they use their real names occasionally :joy::joy:

@Mr_M yeah I get what you mean and I’d be perfectly fine if the new one was as light hearted as the other seasons, but I’d still prefer if it was more mature. I think that they can still keep the silliness and add some more serious topics and storylines.

I feel like the show kind of did all it needed to do. Finale aside, Season 5 was a good sendoff.

If they have to bring it back, I’d say a maturity level somewhere around Season 4 would be the darkest I’d be willing to see it go. Otherwise, it’s just not the same. That said, Season 4 was the best one, so maybe going grittier wouldn’t be the end of the world (and most of the audience is probably going to be people who were kids when they saw the original seasons but are older now, so it does make some degree of sense).

@BatJ yeah I think we can both agree that no matter what they do with it (serious or the same) they should bring it back :joy: