Teen Titans Go Pop! question

I bought the Wal-Mart exclusive Raven as Wonder Woman Pop! Saturday and thought Robin and Starfire looked cool also. So I started looking for them online when I got home only to discover that Starfire was a Toys R Us exclusive and that Robin was also an exclusive but I couldn’t find the store it is exclusive to. I’m still shocked that SF is a TRY exclusive considering they closed last summer and Raven was just stocked at my local WM. Can anybody fill me in on what’s up with these Pop! figured as I have to have missed these being talked about or some how I got a figure that may have came out long a go. Thanks for any info.

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I just figured out there is a collectors sub forum and more, man does this show how much of a noob I am to this community.

Heya @LPCustom76, no worries! We all meander around most of the boards. We’ll move this on over to Collector’s Corner in the morning.

I wish I could be of more help about the figures but I don’t have a lot of info. I do know that this whole exclusive thing is getting a wee bit out of hand, though.
I’ll let someone much smarter than me field this one :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help, I have no idea how or why I missed all of the other sub forums. Oh well you live and you learn.

My Walmart never has pops… :weary:

I don’t collect Pops (not counting the occassional pick-up) but my Wally World’s are akin to those of LW’s: barren and void of all Pops.

Target OTOH, has a wall of them. So does Hot Topic as evidenced in YouTube toy hunting videos.

I can’t answer the question at hand about TTG Pops, but there seem to be some Pops enthusiasts that pop in every so often. Hopefully they can help you out.