Teen Titans Go! Issue 53

I’m especially taken with “Wacky Wednesday,” and Joe Quinones’ art. He draws everyone with a real nose! The usual tiny anime noses are cute, but I like to see them looking more human, at least occasionally. I think Starfire looks especially cute.

Don’t think I didn’t notice on page 7 where “mom” replies “I have no nng idea!” Looks so much like "I have no -ing idea! Terry Pratchett had one of his characters speak that way.

I missed, on first read, where on the last page you have Starfire drinking mustard. I caught in another issue that she spoke of mustard as a 'beverage." Good to see you still playing with that, and in such a subtle way.

I love the ending, with Beast Boy showing that he hasn’t “learned his lesson,” and I have seen and read of him messing with others’ things. It makes me wonder how Raven and Beast Boy became a couple. I guess that’s covered in Teen Titans (without the “Go!”).

Stay safe.