Teen Titans Go! Issue 51

I have to stop and praise you for the amazing illusion of movement on page 12, as Geo Force is creating an earthquake. I stare and stare, and it’s a struggle to figure out how you’ve done it. The contrasting sound effects lettering is very striking and beautiful.

And just when I’ve given up, and figured there will be no more, I spot Tom Servo hiding in the dim light of page 16. Thank you! I realize you don’t want to spoil the overall tone of a scene or story, but I still appreciate it, and I don’t think it takes away from the story flow.

I’ve tried to follow Terra’s story, and can tell I missed a section. I’m happy for her, too. She seems to have a good, new start. And for all I know, she’s developing confidence in herself, and an even emotional keel, which will allow you, some day, to create a plausible story showing her with good control over her earth-moving powers. Fine detail, and fine motor control could be expressed by shaping and designing sand mandalas, maybe.

Stay safe.