Teen Titans Go! Issue 47

I love the guest art, bringing two variant perspectives on the characters and their world. Michael Chang captures the thoughts and feeling of the day Dick Grayson lost his parents, both his and those of the people closest to him.

Such different approaches, from each of them. Cyborg takes Robin’s mind of his past for a while. Beast Boy tries jokes, of course. Robin doesn’t really mind, because he knows BB means well. Raven watches and waits, trying to give Robin space. Starfire gives him love. And his long-time mentor keeps watch. This story is important, for anyone who has lost someone.

The next story couldn’t be more different, and I’ll admit it’s more my thing. I love the contrasting reactions to the day’s start. You totally cracked me up about Raven’s Beast Boy dream, especially “Stupid musical number!”
Christine Norrie’s art makes them look super cute, a mix of Milton Caniff and the best anime. But I like that Norrie dares to give them actual noses, not just the barest anime single teensy sketch line.

Okay, I have to ask. Does Gizmo have “the Barry Ween Chip” installed in his brain, to substitute innocuous expressions for actual profanity? The evil genius kid in PS 238 has that installed, and the substitute words are hilarious.

I do miss the MST3K Easter eggs. I haven’t spotted any, for a few issues. Still, this has been good, so thanks. Stay safe, everyone.