Teen Titans Go! issue 38, Chynna Clugston, guest artist

I love how Chynna Clugston gave us a tour of Scott McCloud’s pyramid of art styles, from full realism to heading towards abstraction and the cartoony, depending on how close the character is to the panel point of view. It’s a great lesson in how to adjust detail. I also love the handling of line weights, as I know I need all the good examples I can find, to improve my own.

I love all the research that was done to capture the 60s. The build-up to the “Let’s go!” splash page was very effective. And I especially liked Mod’s version of the Beatles’ submarine.

This was a very fun story, so many thanks to Torres, as well. I love the way you played around with Mad Mod, teasing with the possibility that he’d want to go for the lesser criminality of the music industry. I really liked the joke where Beast Boy quotes Ringo’s answer to the same question, with “I’m a mocker.”

John Hill had a lot of fun, putting so much variety into the lettering. I know hand-lettering is disappearing, so I love it when I see so much variety. You really brought the sound effects to life.

Stay safe, everyone.