Teen Titans Go! + CN Content

Will Teen Titans GO! be available through the DCU app? If so, when?
And will any of the other DC content from CN be made available, like DC Super Hero Girls?

No promises can’t be made for future available content, but I will be sure to let the team know of your requests and interest in both. Please do share if you have others you’d be interested in :slight_smile:

Cartoon Network probably has licensing rights

wait DC, which owns the DCU app, doesn’t have rights to its own content? that’s really confusing. HULU has Teen Titans Go! (and others) you would think DCU would have immediate access to all that content. Plus the original Teen Titans Animated Series is already on here (which was shown on CN).

Think about it this way friend. You said Teens Titans Go! Is currently on Hulu? That’s precisely why it isn’t available here. Streaming Companies like Hulu and Netflix pay Warner Bros and other production companies for the rights to show their shows. I don’t know if your are old enough to remember Movie Rental places like Blockbuster but it’s alot like going there to rent a movie but then finding out someone else has already rented the movie you want to see. So basically you have to wait for them to return the movie before you get your turn with it. Savage times

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