Teen Titans Go! Christmas-y

From “Santa’s helpers - HO!” I was hooked on the Christmas theme. It was fun figuring out who was behind which mask. and Billy Numerous was a nice stand-in for “Multiple Santa,” so this was also a salute to the sadly departed animated “Tick” show.

[Speaking of the Tick, and thinking of one of his villains, the one who fights age discrimination, am I the only one who gets sad-mad every time he hears of the well-done horror mini-series, “The Terror”? I keep thinking “The Terror gets his own show, but we can’t keep a live-action Tick series for even a full season?”]

I loved the extended version of “The Gift of the Magi.” And I almost missed the MST3K reference for this issue: the “Torgo Tronic” food processor. “The master wants his scary food.”

Thanks, again, for creating this archive. Back in 2003, I didn’t have enough money or time, what with school, and now, online, space isn’t an issue (no pun intended), either.

Stay safe.