Teen Titans Go! 2003: spotting MST3K, like "Nina" in Al Hirschfeld charicatures

I’m really loving the opportunity to start from the beginning and catch up on Teen Titans Go! Five years’ volunteer cartooning for the VCU student newspaper helps me appreciate details I wouldn’t have noticed, decades ago. I’m happy to slow down and study techniques. I’m especially paying attention to line weights, because I know mine are weak.

Slowing down has also helped me spot where the creative team has worked together to sneak in references to what I guess is one of their own fandoms: Mystery Science Theater 3,000. I’ve seen “MST3K” on signs, billboards, and license plates. And it seems Tom Servo is a favorite character, as part of his name, or his image on a t-shirt, is lurking out of the action focus, there for a wandering eye to discover.

I remember, decades ago, learning that cartoon illustrator Al Hirschfeld sent a message of love to his daughter, Nina, while he was too busy working to be with her more directly. It became a game for us who loved his style to look for all the places where his lines hid her name.

And you made me feel a lot better about my mistakes, when I noticed in issue 19, page 21, the 3rd panel, second-to-last line, where “GIVING”

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