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Hello again members of @RenegadeRobinsClub and welcome to our September Damian Wayne session. This month we will start covering Damian’s Rebirth adventures and the first selections I have for you is the Rebirth Teen Titans series, which features Damian once more becoming a member of the team in a most…unusual way. Yeah we’ll just leave it at that.

Can Damian handle being leader of the Teen Titans or will the team fall apart due to mistrust? Let’s get to reading so we can find out.

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What to Read

* Rebirth Teen Titans #1

* Teen Titans (2016) #1-7

Discussion Questions

  1. Damian has an interesting and unusual way of gathering a team together. How would you have reacted if you had been asked to join his Teen Titans group in the same manner?

  2. Did you like the way the individual characters were introduced in the Rebirth issue?

  3. What did you think of the Demon’s Fist? What about Damian’s cousin Mara?

  4. Damian still seems to be struggling with the fact that he is the Grandson of Ra’s al Ghul and with his past here. Do you see a time when he might be able to let go of his past self and move on with his life?

  5. Seems like Robin has inspired this motley crew he forced together. What did you think of Beast Boy’s speech and the other TT reaction to it?

  6. What do you think of the dynamic of this group of Teen Titans?

  7. What about Damian’s leadership skills? Are they on par with previous Robin’s or is he just a pretender?

And that’s all folks. Next month we explore how Damian might react to the son of another of DC great heroes: Superman. That’s right! It’s time for the Super Sons to take the hero world by storm. But can Damian learn to work with Jon and can Jon learn to put up with Damian’s attitude. Come back here next.month and find out!


Yes! We’re getting into my favorite stuff post-Morrison.

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