Teen Lantern

Anyone else think Teen Lantern is basically a bootleg hack of a Green Lantern? I realize this sounds very insulting but let’s be real here.


What the hell is teen lantern?

I’m not sure what you are gunning for, but yes - Teen Lantern is a teen that did a bootleg hack against the Green Lanterns to acquire her powers.

If you think that this makes her less of a character than any other Green Lantern I don’t agree.


Teen Lantern is a character in the current Young Justice series.

As for the character, I dig her. If DC gave her a solo book that fleshed her out to a greater degree, I’d check it out.


I dislike the concept behind the character. I don’t read YJ, so I can’t speak to personality or development/ depth.

I also wish that DC would explore humans in the other Corps.


IKR. DC give us some main human characters with Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, or Indigo rings. Greens my favorite color but I’m getting sick of all the Green Lantern humans.


Humans that have been in the other Lantern corps:

● Orange: Lex Luthor

● Blue: The Flash and Kyle Rayner

● Red: Mera, Guy Gardner

● Yellow: Scarecrow

● Indigo: John Stewart, the Ray Palmer Atom

● Black: Arthur Curry, Carter Hall

● Star Sapphire: Wonder Woman

● White: Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner

● Steam: Gil Broome

By no means an exhaustive, 100% complete list, but the above shows just a small amount of the humans that made their way into many of the other corps.

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Don’t worry, i’m not dissing her. Just wondering if that’s what she is. I think it’s great there’s a preteen human who is smart enough to reverse engineer super-advanced alien technology like that and, more importantly, ISN’T Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor, or Michael Holt.


I think the point is that there are so many new characters that have been made that are green lanterns when it would be more interesting if they were in a different corps.

Also, Blackest Night doesn’t count as humans being in other corps

Edit: Maybe not more interesting, but at least maybe it would add some variety.


But most of these are when the corps rings TEMPORARILY deputized them during Blackest Night so i wouldn’t really count them.

Also: Calling Wonder Woman or Mera “Human” is up for debate.


Eh, a Lantern is a Lantern, be they dead or temporary. :wink:

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Carol, Kyle, Guy, and Rankorr are the only humans I can think of who were non-Green Lanterns for any extended period of time. (Well, not counting Black Hand.)

I don’t mind seeing non-lanterns wielding the spectrum, but it depends on how it’s done. Haven’t read YJ, yet.


… Ok, you missed Carol Ferris and Black Hand, actual human lanterns of other colors. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d also argue that a number of characters listed, while earth based, aren’t human. Although, DeX-Starr is missing in that case, poor kitty!

Various characters have been deputized or have temporarily worn other rings. I meant that I would like to see human characters who are actually members of another Corps, are predominantly associated with that Corps, and expand upon that Corps’ role in the DCU. All the new human lanterns I can think of have been Green, and the human GLs that had runs with other colors had reverted to Green last I checked.

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I really like the character so far, but I do think it’d be a more believable origin if she was just an official lantern from another corp.

As is, I’m hoping they lean into the fact that she must be a genius in order to hack lantern tech. I think that could be an interesting plot point, and give them options if they ever decide to have the GL corp show up to take their tech back.

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Well, I did say my list wasn’t 100% exhaustively complete. :wink:

In any event, I’m interested in humans taking up residence in other Lantern corps. We’ll just have to see what the Guardians choose to do…

Ehhhh I just find Teen Lantern a completely unnecessary add on to GL … Dc already has 7 active 2814 GL’s (if you count) Alan Scott … Depending if also he is in current continuity :joy:… aside his almost 0 connection to the corps/guardians his powers do originate from the source … TL was like “let’s do a different take and see how that works!?” … just an unnecessary creation of a character I think anyway

Teen lantern is dumb not because she’s a kid or because she hacked the Lantern energy but because she stole power and the Lanterns are like, well guess that’s ok. Imagine if you somehow stole a gun and a badge from the police and went around doing good deeds with them. If you think that would fly anywhere ever you are kidding yourself, this is lazy writing they could have come up with tons of ways to introduce a kid lantern that wasn’t this unbelievable.

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I haven’t read it yet, but Green Lantern Legacy might do this? Although, I believe all of the books in this series/format are out of continuity… Whatever that means right now.

Edit: Also, I think there have been a couple alien kid lanterns. I think some comics showed Tomar-Re’s replacement (maybe once removed?) as a little kid interacting with Hal or Kyle.

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Green Lantern Legacy does do this! (I really love all the DC Kids graphic novels I’ve read. I know I’m too old for them. >_>) But as you say, I have no idea how the character in that book factors into the DC Universe of the adult comics. I also know very little about Green Lantern in general. This story was very sweet though, and gives Vietnamese-American culture a chance to shine.

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