Tech Tuesday: The Super Hero. Which DC Universe Super Power Will Save You?

When I have a moment, still fighting fires.


ok lol

@Alec.Holland how do you make the photo list thing?

This thing:

The wonderful @Applejack commissioned it from our art team as far as I know. We update it weekly in Photoshop!


oh ok

Thank you for all that you do! You rock!


Ah, what another fine day it will be being outside of the bubble. :smiley:

Gasp! :fearful: :sweat_smile:

Of course! Now for another adventure. :superman_hv_3:

Oh Kelex, buddy, old pal… What tech shall appear? :thinking:

@Kelex roll 1d6


:game_die: 4

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Ah… Lucky number 4 Kelex. A wildcard. Yes! :joy:

Well, you know what this means Kelex? :thinking:

It’s that time… :grin:

Off in the distance a loud roar of an engine is heard

Enter Batmobile

:clark_hv_4: “Excellent, excellent,” says ajm08g.

“It sure is, isn’t it…” ajm08g hears.

momentarily stunned ajm08g turns around to find…

Enter Robin

:00_robin: Didn’t think Batman would track the whereabouts of the Batmobile?
:00_robin: Especially after the last adventures?
:clark_hv_4: Oh, you are right Robin. Well, crime is everywhere! Let’s get to work!
:00_robin: Yes! Can’t let crime be everywhere, that’s for sure!
:00_robin: Okay, hop in and I’ll show you some of the other fun features.

ajm08g and Robin hop into the Batmobile

:clark_hv_4: Wait Robin…
:00_robin: Yes?
:clark_hv_4: Before we get going… Hit the theme music.
:00_robin: You sure?
:clark_hv_4: Yes.
:00_robin: Here goes!

Robin then hits a few dials on the dashboard and then the theme music begins to play…

The Batmobile then roars once more and scanners showing all criminal activity.
Robin shows ajm08g a few combinations of dials pushed simultaneously deploy cables tying up groups of criminals.
Racing around other streets, Robin then shows ajm08g another combination of dials pressed together can stop fleeing criminals in vans with grappling hooks stopping the vans in their tracks.
Later after checking the scanners and finding all criminals neutralized…

:clark_hv_4: Great work Robin! This was a lot of fun.
:00_robin: Indeed! Well… Better get back to Batman now…
:batman_hv_1: “No need, I’m already here…”

Stunned again, ajm08g sees Batman drop down from a corner of a building

:batman_hv_1: Another rendezvous with the Batmobile, and commandeered my protégé?
:batman_hv_1: That’s it. Now, hop out of the Batmobile and prepare for battle.

Bewildered at the scene ajm08g and Robin hop out of the Batmobile…

:00_robin: Wait Batman! We did as you have trained us! We stopped a lot of crime today.
:00_robin: And… ajm08g didn’t even reset your radio dials this time.
:batman_hv_4: Wait, is this true ajm08g?
:clark_hv_4: It sure is!
:batman_hv_3: In that case… All is well then.
:batman_hv_3: Good work Robin.
:superman_hv_4: Yes! Good, good work Robin. You’re a good wingman of the night.
:00_robin: Ah, gee. Thanks ajm08g.
:clark_hv_4: No thank you two! Well, how about heading to Big Belly Burger?
:00_robin: Yes!
:batman_hv_3: Okay.

Then ajm08g, Batman, and Robin climb back into the Batmobile and the tires screech once more.

Off in the distance… A shadowy figure having witnessed these events looks on…

:black_circle: So… This feud is finished… We’ll see about that… Ha ha ha!

To be continued...


I always love a good pun!

Honestly, in this case I think you could take time for breaks/naps and avoid the sweating entirely!


Wow, those are rare!

A good choice!

Sounds like it’d be effective for most people! Imagine a bank robber being so terrified whilst trying to rob a bank :joy:

I think the authorities (or the Legionnaires) can handle the rest!

Excuse me, can we get a heads up on this too?


OMG you’re so lucky today!

How long is a ‘a little bit’ in this instance?

This may be a little too late, but can you send him to me please? He snuck out of his collar on one of our walks…

If there was an animal whisperer wandering around town with dogs and angry crows, I’d think twice about committing crimes too!

You’re one of the good ones. 100%

And thank you again for being kind, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:


That’s crazy! I think every single person has gotten one so far, such a crazy week!

A nice elegant solution as always. Can’t commit crimes in your sleep… Unless you’re Freddy Krueger :eyes:


You had me up until the ‘fight to the death in a bloodsport’ part :grimacing:


Sounds like you’ll have it done in a weekend! There might even be time for a little face punching if you’re quick!


Wait are they? I thought everyone was just super lucky :thinking:

This is a nice, subtle solution. I like it! Will definitely change the city for the better :slight_smile:


Yikes. Say goodbye to Scarface! Unless he really is just a projection of The Ventriloquist’s mind…


Truly, truly. I’m glad you didn’t break the streak!

I think you picked the absolute easiest choice there :joy: Well played!


Just imagine breathing fresh air again!

Anotha one!

Plot twist!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…

I want you to know that I ran this in the background whilst typing this comment. It made the whole process feel unnecessarily epic.

Oh dang, he’s mad! Fists up!

RIP my banjocore dreams.

Can’t wait to see what comes next! Love that you’re keeping this epic tale alive!


I totally forgot about this. Wow I got a wild card. I think I’ll choose Superman’s powers. I’ll just fly around and listen to see who’s in trouble. I stopped a couple of muggings, robberies, and a few super villains. After a long day of saving people, I head to the nearest McDonald’s to check for a working ice cream machine. I’ve currently been to three McDonald’s and nothing yet (including this one).


Looks like we got a clean sweep!

Just… casually. No big deal ya know.

My heart bleeds. Don’t check the one in the swamps, it’s the same story here too. :frowning:


Oh I didn’t even see that was an option this week! Good eye!

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