Tech Tuesday: The Hack. Which DC Universe Gadget Will Save You?


Starting out strong with the Batcomputer. Love it!

A smart play!

:facepalm_batman: Why are you like this Jake?

Thanks Batman!

@MisterFreeze78 Are you new? :wink:

The personal attack here :joy: I’ll be sure to add them soon!

Into my domain eh? Poor Jake!

And now the word spreads :sunglasses:


I’ll allow it!


Wait, that’s illegal! You can’t just stop in the middle of the scenario! I worked hard on this! :joy:

But why? It’s great! It’s not even loaded(probably)!


A good choice! For the record, you can pick ANY gadget. It doesn’t have to just be from my list :slight_smile:

Perfect! Make Jake think that he doesn’t want to blackmail you. The perfect crime!


Is it in a multi-storey parking lot? Were either of you wearing a trench coat?

The best kind of destruction is always the mutually assured kind!


You did it again! Another wonderfully written little piece. Perfectly captures the frustration of trying to do anything during an update :joy:

Seems a little excessive for $20 though, don’t ya think? I think there’s something else at stake!

@RubixUnveil - Welcome to Tech Tuesday! It’s great to see you :slight_smile:

A nice easy solution! Can’t blackmail you if there’s no trace!

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Never true, I believe in you!

Sounds refreshing… and healthy!

It’s never worth it. #DontBeAJake


he’s reaganfan78.

he changed his name lol


this is why you’re tied to be my favorite mod lol


I mean…

I don’t have favorites


Haha, sorry! I’m really not a Joker fan. And any situation I thought of using the Bang gun I wasn’t happy with, so I just stopped. :laughing:

I know you worked hard on the scenario! I just got the one item I wanted nothing to do with. Thank you though!!


Thank you. And getting Pinterest results instead of an actual source when looking for something :facepalm_catwoman:


@Alec.Holland, did you you ever notice the 1989 Batman reference near the end of my story? I was watching Batman yesterday and thought why not do that scene with Swamp Thing, and thankfully it work.:smiley:


Oh I know but your lists are filled with great gadgets :sweat_smile:



I know, I was making a joke. There was a wink!


This is fair, I had some pretty interesting scenarios planned for the Bang Gun, but I wasn’t sure if everyone else thought the same way that I did. I guess not!

Haha, don’t worry! I was joking with you :slight_smile:


Pinterest is the bane of my existence some days. I feel this!


I didn’t catch the reference, it’s been a while since I saw the movie! I’ll have to watch again and see if I can pick up on it :slight_smile:


You’re full of charm! Haha. Thank you :slight_smile:


I totally forgot to write my thing. anyways on with the show!
I leave that cursed McDonald’s and decide to cheer myself up by watching the Snyder cut. To bad Jake found out I pirated it. Thankfully I found a Mother Box outside in the parking lot. Since the Mother Box is all knowing I’ll just ask it who Jake is and where he’s at. I open a boom tube to Gotham City of course. I sneak around and I find Jake’s computer. It would appear he’s not home. I get on Jake’s computer ( his password is password. How dumb can you be?) I delete all the evidence he has on me and I use the Mother Box to send a powerful shock blast at his computer frying all the circuits. That’ll teach him not to mess with me. I leave his apartment and get back on my crusade to find a McDonald’s with a working ice cream machine.


You found it!! Can you get me a McFlurry?!


If you ever feel like sharing, I’d be curious what scenarios you had!


Actually I didn’t find one. I’m still looking.


maybe we’ll have to make due with a Wendy’s Frosty instead?


Those are very good :thinking:.


The Frostyccinos are my favorite.


It’s remarkable how many things are just lying around these days!

Talk about cutting to the chase :joy:

Oh come on! At least make it ‘Pa55w0rd!’ right?

Yikes. Some vigilante justice there!

I wish you the best of luck, sir! Do keep us posted on this :eyes:


@Kelex roll 1d6


:game_die: 3

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Apparently I’m hanging out in the Batcave using the Batcomputer to watch movies :grinning: no complaints there since I obviously had to watch the Snyder cut in best quality possible.

Shortly after the movies over I get this email from Jake. Since I’m still on the Batcomputer I use it to trace where the email came from. It’s Jake from State Farm! Turns out he doesn’t really care that much that I pirated a movie he has been trying to reach Batman about his insurance premiums going through the roof. Something about too much property damage when he fights crime :woman_shrugging:

Well, I doubt Batman will listen to me telling him to call his insurance when I wasn’t supposed to be on his computer :sweat_smile:. So I just tell Jake good luck with Batman and leave before he comes back.