Tech Tuesday: The Animals

Welcome back to the next season of Tech Tuesday! The place to live out your own heroic fantasies with some of the coolest gadgets, weapons, and gear available in the DC Universe.

The Setup:

Today, in a last-minute decision to celebrate National Animal Cracker Day, you buy every box of animal crackers at your local grocery store. You bring them home, eat a few, and take a nap. When you awaken, every single animal cracker you bought (other than the ones in your stomach) are surrounding you! They’ve all turned to real animals! “You ate our friends, so we’re gonna eat you!” they say. You need to defend yourself, but with what? Just then, you feel a weight begin to grow in your pocket. Roll Kelex to find out what you’ve received to save the gangs and show your spouse your appreciation and love!

How It Works:

We need Kelex’s assistance! Use Kelex to roll for a random number out of 6. You can do this by commenting and saying “@Kelex roll 1d6”. Our friendly resident chatbot will then give you a number out of 6. This number indicates which option you’ve received based on the list of options below. If you’re unsure of anything about the hero, we’ve left a short description for each option to help you!

Now, all you need to do is take a look at the option and tell us how you would use it to save the day. You can be as creative as you like! :slight_smile:

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Hello! I am Kelex. I can assist you with matters like community features and more. To find out everything I can do, say @kelex display help.

@Kelex roll 1d6


:game_die: 5

@Kelex roll 1d6

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:game_die: 2

the horror the HORROR

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