Target exclusive DC Primal Age 100 Page Giant comic

On yesterday’s DC Daily (as well as at, it was revealed that Target will be getting into the Giant game with a DC Primal Age book tying into the toyline of the same name by Funko. It sounds like the book will have a gradual rollout, starting this weekend.

The comic is located on an end cap in the toy department along with Primal Age action figures, beast packs, a Batcave playset, a PA t-shirt and a PA lunchbox. I bought the Batman, Green Lantern and Mr. Freeze action figures along with the t-shirt.

Has anyone found the comic yet? It retails for $9.99 from what I’ve read about it. Marv Wolfman contributed to it too!


I wonder why they are charging $9.99? The 100 page books at Walmart are only $5. I’m looking forward to this. Hopefully I can pick one up tomorrow.

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I’m not sure. I don’t know if this book is entirely new content or if it follows the model of the WM books with 3/4 of the issue being reprints.

Neither the DC site or Tiffany specified that aspect. They specified Marv Wolfman’s contributions as well as those of some of the other talent.

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The Target issue is 100 pages of new content. The Walmart ones are 12 pages new, 88 pages of reprints. Thus the price difference.

100 pages of all new content, nice! It’d be nice if the press release specified that.

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I did not know about this, I’ll keep an eye out for it!

Was at Target today did not see any…

Found a full box of this at the same store I found the figures at a few day.

It’s out there =)

*a few days ago.

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Wow Vroom, you need an editor. LOL

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We need that desired edit button, but we’ll get it eventually I’m sure.

Not posting when I’m uber tired would be a good idea too :slight_smile:


I am in Huntington Long Island. The Target stores in my area(all three)as of this writing have not heard of the DC toys,book, etc. As for the books being offered by WalMart,of the three stores in my area, only one is selling the books and doing a lousy job of displaying, them. The books that were for sale last week that were up to issue 5 are this week only available as issue 6. Why doesn’t anybody care about this?

Has anyone else found this yet? I saw it at a different Target last night. The Primal Age endcap at this one was by the preschool toys. Kinda odd place for it.

Anyway, I really liked this book. It was alot of fun and worth ten smackers IMO. Plus, it has a nifty Michael Wm. Kaluta pinup too!

Curious to hear what others think of this comic.

Congrats, Vroom!

I’m more interested in reading the comic book than the toys. But I’ve been to several Targets in my area (LA) since the news about it came out and no comic book and no toys.

These big box store exclusives are a bad idea. Anyone who’s ever chased a store exclusive action figure knows they rarely, if ever, see the sales floor. Employees hip to the aftermarket buy them with their employee discount and resell them on ebay or at shows and cons.
The same thing is happening with the Walmart comics and will happen with the Target comics. All you have to do to confirm this is look on ebay. The hoarders are even selling the cardboard display shippers.

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Found the book at a third Target earlier this evening. I hope it’s showing up for everyone or will be soon. It’s alot of fun.

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Finally found it… has anyone finished it ? Any thoughts? :diamonds::black_joker:

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@HarleenNapier, I finished it a few days ago. I really enjoyed it, it was pure fun. There’s some solid talent in this book.

I was planning on buying the action figures anyway, but if I hadn’t been I surely would have upon completing this book.

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