Target and Walmart Toy Clearances

Target has some great deals if you’re looking for some cheap goodies.

A few examples:

-Jakks Pacific 20" Rebirth Batman action figure with 23 points of articulation and two Batarangs for $8.68
-Funko DC Primal Age basic figures for $3.58 each (both series)
-Mattel Batman Missions 12" scale Batmobile (haven’t seen this one so I can’t quote a price yet, but the shelf tag is marked as being a clearance item)
-Mattel 12" Electronic Aquaman for $5.68
-Mattel 12" Aquaman figures for $2.98
-Mattel 6" basic assortment Aquaman figures for less than $4 (I don’t recall the exact price)

Walmart has:

-Mattel DC Multiverse on clearance for $15 and change (they had the Shazam! wave)
-Mattel Batman Missions 12" basic Batman figure for $8 +/-
-Mattel 12" comic based Justice League Superman (in his Superman Reborn togs) and The Flash for $8 +/-

Enjoy bargain hunters :slight_smile:


Wish they made that reborn Superman in the Multiverse line. That is one design that doesn’t have many figures out there at the moment.

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@moro Mattel’s Superman Reborn Superman is the only figure of him in those duds so far and pretty spiffy.

He would have been the second version if DC Collectibles had released their Essentials Superman as originally designed.

We just need a smaller version of him now. *looks at Todd McFarlane * Please?