Tara Strong on DC Daily

It was great to see Tara Strong today on DC Daily, I’m a fan of her voice acting. If anyone ask me what my favorite character she play, I would have a hard time picking one since she’s so talented! So I would have to go with Batgirl, she did a great job playing her after Batgirl was play by Melissa Gilbert in Batman:TAS and a different actress who play Batgirl in Batman/Mr. Freeze subzero. She made Batgirl her own. :slight_smile:


Tara Strong is Batgirl, @Reaganfan78! I think she embraces everything about the character and I cannot think of anyone else I would rather have voice Babs. :slight_smile:


Honestly, Tara could voice every character and I’d be happy. She is an absolute power house of talent.


Tara Strong is a national treasure!


I posted same thing on the official dc daily thread & the who’s your favorite voice actor thread but for Tara Strong I’ll post it again. She’s my number 1. You’re right she could do any voice she wanted & probably make it hers from then on.

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Tara Strong is a legend! She is very talented and is basically people’s childhoods because of how many characters she voices.