Tablet LAN Download?

Hello. I am trying to download comics with my LAN adaptor onto my Android Tablet Computer. It works fine with Wi-Fi. But, I would prefer to download with LAN and the app keeps telling me that I can only download in Wi-Fi. Is there an option I can switch on my side to fix this? If not, why is LAN download forbidden? I don’t really see why the nature of the Internet connection should matter; considering it’s already coming through the same router anyway. Thank you for your help.

Hi @Insufferable_Damian - This seems like a fair question for our support team, as they handle the tech side of things. You can reach out to them here.

I have tried to contact support twice on this issue, each from a different e-mail, and have yet to receive a response. The first attempt was back on August 5Th. The second attempt was about a week ago.

HBO Max, for instance, has a ‘download Wi-Fi only’ toggle in its video options that I can deselect and this lets me download from my LAN Adapter.

Why doesn’t DCUI have such a toggle? It’s a WB owned platform like HBO Max. I have tried looking in the settings many times. Am I missing it? Does it just not exist? Can it please be added?

Who do I talk to about this, considering the support team hasn’t responded to me in almost two months?


Firstly, I’m sorry to hear that our CS team wasn’t able to reply to you within a more timely manner. Thankfully, though, I was able to find the toggle option you were looking for on the app within the settings under “downloads”:

Thank you for responding.

I guess my first question is what OS are you running? I am running on Android 10 and my Settings Screen doesn’t show that toggle option to me at all.

Hope you’re having a peaceful night, @INSUFFERABLEDAMIAN! Do you mind giving us your ticket #?


My original attempt was on August 5Th. That ticket number is 744237.

My second attempt was on October 22Nd. That ticket number is 757597.

I just checked again today and I just got a response to the e-mail that my original ticket was associated with.

For those curious about this topic, I was told that my request was added to a running list of feature suggestions so that it would be on the Product Team’s radar.

My only guess as to why staticshocks has this option but my Settings doesn’t is perhaps because I’m on Android 10. I’ve heard it mentioned before somewhere else on the Community Board that sometimes the Android version and iOS version of the app don’t always have the same feature parity at the same time. So, that it why I asked staticshocks what operating system he was running to try to see if maybe that’s why he has a toggle for this and I don’t.

I will keep looking at app updates and hopefully this toggle will be added in the future.

I am glad to see that I got a reply.


Can confirm that Static runs an iOS device. That’s good info to share with the CS team regarding your case so I’ll make sure that’s included. Thanks for letting us know!