Ta-Nehisi Coates Writing A New Superman Film For DC and Warner Bros

Or just do an Icon movie



I’d go with Trevante Rhodes


Black Hawkman
Black Superman
Black Batman

I’m here for it. Tell a good story and I’ll read/watch/listen to it. I am very excited about this news and know it’ll bring in more fans than it will drive away. There’s no reason any character has to be a certain race as it’s all a world, or worlds, built on imagination. This is great news and I’m looking forward to seeing it.


Has it been announced that Superman is going to be black? I haven’t seen that.


Its what everyone’s thinking.



On Black Panther:

Being a DC guy the only Marvel movie that I’ve seen was Black Panther, and I only saw it to support the cause for diversity.

I’m glad it made over a billion dollars, and I’ve been waiting to see what affect that it may have had. This may be it.

Although, I had assumed that DC and Warner Bros. would counter with John Stewart. But to counter with a Black Superman?

Okay, Warner Bros. and DC. I guess you’re kind of serious.


Yeah, Henry Cavill is my favorite Superman, and I grew up with Christopher Reeve as Superman; which is my second favorite Superman, and that’s the list. (Ha!)

Of course, I’m also one of those people who love both Man of Steel and Superman: The Movie.

The kid in me will forever love Superman: The Movie, and the adult in me will forever love Man of Steel.


Oh yes, Trevante Rhodes would be excellent.

He of course was my pick to play Jace Fox in a hypothetical HBO Max “Second Son” series.

But Superman would be great too.

This is kind of an exciting day. (Ha!)


Or they could have done a Steel reboot. Steel is such a cool charactor design wise.


Yeah! Ole John Henry Steel was my favorite Superman after Clark died in the ‘90s.


Why can’t DC just delvop their other minority charactors and not race-swap charactors.


I don’t mind with certain characters. I think with Patterson’s new Batman movie with Jeffery Wright as Gordon is a good choice.
They can bring in other black Kryptonians or John Henry as Steel and so on. I still think of Christopher Reeve as Superman. Henry Cavill is also a good fit for Clark/Superman.


I think The studio should keep Henry Cavill.


They can do both. The reason you don’t develop Static or Green Lantern John Stewart is that there’s no name recognition among the masses. Everyone knows Superman. Everyone knows Batman. Everyone knows Wonder Woman. Those names are iconic around the world and will bring people to the theater based on the name alone.


Probably depends on the Snyder Cut reception. If it’s off the chart praise, they probably let him do another film (and Cavill stars as Superman in that).


I think you’re right.

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Hey @bjkicks - can’t wait to see your YouTube video breaking all this news down!



According to sources from The Hollywood Reporter this Superman will Black.

There’s no official statement from DC or Warner Bros. at this point, I don’t believe. Just a report from one of the Hollywood trades.


As far as “race-swapping” is concerned… it’s just an imaginary story. Like all of them are. (Ha!)

If this Superman is black, it’s highly doubtful he’ll be Clark Kent.

And I personally SERIOUSLY doubt he’ll be Clark Kent.

I’m guessing they’ll go with Calvin Ellis from Earth-23, or keep it simple and create someone new. I don’t think they’re going to make him Clark Kent. And I know I wouldn’t want to see that…



I agree they likely won’t, but it wouldn’t bother me if they did.



I just don’t think it’s necessary for him to be Clark Kent is all… and I guess it wouldn’t bother me either, I would just rather they didn’t go that route.

For example, the new Wonder Girl is Yara Flor. There was no need to make a new Donna Troy.

Same thing would apply here, I feel.

It would just be a Superman from a different Earth. Keep it simple.


I know a lot of people automatically go to insensitive and name calling if you don’t agree with this decision but here I go. If this is Val-Zod I have no problem with it bring it on! I don’t want this to be Clark Kent and that’s only because this movies pull from 80 years of comic history and I think should stay true to that history. Not a huge fan of gender and race bending heroes that have been around forever for no purpose.

If they want a strong black lead for a powerhouse superhero they have a deep bench to pull from. I mean Icon is making is way back into print why not make a movie focused about him.

I love the character Natasha Irons why don’t they make a film around her and put a spotlight on these great black superheroes

This doesn’t come from a place of hate at all I want to make that clear, but I think they should focus on black characters with history. As I stated in the Beginning though if this is Val-Zod I’m game.


Always up for a new Superman movie if it is Coates, take on Clark/Superman, I am sure that will be fascinating as he is an excellent writer. If it turns out to be Calvin Ellis or some other or brand new iteration, that’s also awesome, and one I will look forward to watching. I don’t get the whole race-swapping arguments with characters, unless race is a defining point of the character or story, then if you are trying to be true to that story sure, but if not it shouldn’t be an issue. So the more the merrier I say, as long as it’s a great actor for the role and story, I’m in.