SyFy Confirms Development of Lobo Series

Spinning out of the second season of Krypton (premiering tonight!), The Main Man himself might be coming to your televisions in the near future…

Early development of course, so not much in the way of details. Probably all depends on how well-received he is on Krypton this season.


YES! Let’s go!

Hell frackin’ yeah! Light up a stogie, fire up the bike and ride with the dolphins, it’s Lobo Time!


Early development is just that. Don’t hold your brwath.

Yeah, this site is in early development, yoooooo beta baby

The way I see it, is if Syfy greeenlit spin-offs to Stargate SG-1, then surely they’ll greenlight a spin-off for a Superman oriented show. Hell, if Scare Tactics got the support it did, I’d gather a Lobo series will see the light of day at some point.

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@Vroom Are you implying that Stargate Atlantis is bad!?

@Awesome_Squid Nope, not at all.

Superman is more well known than Stargate, so if Syfy bankrolled those productions, then Lobo should be an instant greenlight for them and WBTV.

It’s interesting to me that both SyFy and the Krypton production team feels enthusiastic enough about Emmett J. Scanlan’s portrayal of Lobo in Krypton Season 2 that they’re willing to hand him his own series and announce it before he’s even made his official debut as the character.