Swap one DC and Marvel character

If you could swap one DC hero for one Marvel hero who they be? And make it a “fair” trade! (Trading Wildcat for Spider-Man is an example of a lopsided trade).

Captain America and Superman.
My reasons: Each of those heroes are the heroes that other heroes look up to. They are the most inspiring and that might be an interesting take on them.
My alternates are, and this is a weird one: Dr. Strange and John Constantine. There are more powerful magic types in the DCU than Constantine but none of them as morally ambiguous.

I’d take Red Skull cause I feel like he’d work well with Golden age characters, and swap him with Vandal Savage

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Captain America is a good pick also b/c Jack Kirby created him. I stay off all Marvel boards cuz I don’t want to start a war. However, I do have a soft spot for Hellboy. I’d swap him in for Roy Harper just b/c they equally hate themselves, but they do the job required. Also b/c they both use drugs to deal with life. Although. Hellboys is just Beer. I wouldn’t trade em but got closet love for Hellboy.

Jimmy Olsen for Peter Parker. One photographer for another. Fair trade.

Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman could be interesting

@Mr.marooned Red Skull in the DC universe would be amazing!

I remember reading that, when DC and Marvel were doing crossovers, that the two companies swap one character to the other company for a year.

This had to be a character without a book and unlike other characters already existing in the universe of the other company.

DC suggested that Martian Manhunter go to Marvel
While Marvel suggested She Hulk go to DC.

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Omega Men for Guardians of the Galaxy

Literally any of the Robins for Daredevil

Aquaman for Spidey.

Shazam for Ghost Rider