🧤 🌿 SwampThing 🌱 🧪 Watch in entirety...

:gloves: :herb: SwampThing :seedling: :test_tube:
Who has went back & watched it in its entirety (to this point) yet?
:tv: I think I will today! :tv:

  • This show is definitely added to my :jack_o_lantern:October Watch List!
    :jack_o_lantern: Wishing it was already October actually.
    I’m a weirdo, summer gives me the blues. Too Much Sun.:bat: LOL. :skull:
    Anyway, let me know when you will or have watched it in entirety already.
    Let’s Chat!:speech_balloon: Be back after the binge!:hourglass_flowing_sand: :woman_superhero:Have a Super Day Super Fan Friends! :woman_superhero:

Well. That was really good! Had 2 breaks & finished it up. All I can say is I really want more! It is for sure on my Fall seasonal watch list. Do tell your binge joys!


I definitely plan on rewatching in October; it’s in my top five for seasonal viewing! And I’m right there with you on wishing it was October, I’m ready for Halloween already haha :smiley: Plus, I relate 100% to getting summer blues, so all the more reason to bring on the fall!

I’m going to wait until the last episode is out to rewatch. My husband missed a few episodes, and while he’s still able to follow along, I’d like him to get the complete experience.


I’m saving it for the Halloween season for my FIRST watch-through! (Halloween season is, like, early August for me :smile:)


Yay for early Halloweens!! Michael’s is already putting out their decorations, just a heads up for a fellow Halloween buddy
Swamp Thing definitely gives me the spoopy vibes, good choice waiting for your Halloween season to watch

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